National League Notice - Adverse Weather

We may encounter some weather conditions that can affect fixtures being played in the coming weeks. Please see some guidance below on what to do if this issue arises:

  • Keep an eye on weather conditions leading up to the date of the fixture.
  • In good time, please keep in frequent communication with the opposing team and come to a mutual agreement in regards to the fixture going ahead.
  • Notify Basketball England immediately if the decision to postpone the game has been made by both teams. Please make sure that you detail that your club is postponing the fixture due to adverse weather conditions.
  • Mark the game as postponed on the Game Day platform.
  • Please select a date for rearranging the fixture within 14 days.
  • Submit a fixture change form to Basketball England with both team’s signatures. You will not incur a fee for this particular fixture change, so please document that the fixture was originally postponed due to the weather.

If in the event that you begin travelling to the fixture, but then are unable to complete the journey due to adverse weather conditions, please see regulation 23.9 below for some guidance:

23.9 In the event that a Match is postponed due to severe weather conditions, unforeseen road delays or breakdowns:

23.9.1 The travelling expenses (if applicable) of all the Match Officials will be paid by the Home Team;

23.9.2 The Team responsible for the postponement of the Match shall be liable for the costs of court hire where such Match is re-arranged for a later date. In the case of a forfeit, the Home Club may make a compensation claim as set out in Regulation 24.4 below;

23.9.3 The responsibility for notifying Match Officials of a postponement rests with the Home Club;

23.9.4 Any dispute over the Team responsible for the postponement and/or the amount of any costs will be resolved by Basketball England within 7 days;

23.9.5 Basketball England may ask for confirmation or proof of the travel that was intended, type of vehicle used and details of the breakdown, including any roadside assistance.

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