NBL Fine Regulation


The following information is can be found in the Handbook under Regulation 49


49.16   The following fines will automatically be imposed:



 Failure to provide qualified and licensed Table

 Officials: (Regulation 41)

£25 per official and possible disciplinary action for the club

 Forfeiture of fixture: (Regulation 24)



See Regulation 24



£100 - 1st offence

£200 - subsequent

Failure to attend the pre Match meeting and/or late arrival of team for pre Match meeting

(5 players): (Regulation 26.5)


Failure to email Scoresheet as required: (Regulations 30.1 and 30.6 as applicable)

£40 - 1st offence

£60 - 2nd offence

1 Pts deduction – subsequent

Failure to upload or send FIBA LiveStats game file as required: (Regulation 30.2)

£40 - 1st offence

£100 - 2nd offence

1 Pts deduction – subsequent

Failure to update result service: (Regulations

30.4 and 30.5 as applicable)

£15 - 1st offence

£30 – subsequent

Failure to provide refreshments where required: (Regulation 21.6)


Failure to field 8 players: (Regulations 31.1)


Failure to provide scoreboard / 24 seconds device: (Regulations 34.1 & 34.2)


Failure to provide adequate stewarding: (Regulations 32.8)


Fielding an Ineligible Participant: (Regulations 17.9.4)

Minimum £500 plus consideration by the

Competitions Review Panel

Failure to ensure branding & numbering shirts/court: (National Basketball League


£25 per offence

Team arriving on the playing court up to 15 minutes after the scheduled tip off time: (Regulations 22.7)


A late payment levy of 10% will be made for every 30 days that the fine is overdue.

Clubs will also be fined at the discretion of Basketball England for their failure to meet any of the National Basketball League Recommended Standards. The level of fines will be determined by Basketball England in its sole discretion.