NBL Game Protests and Fixture Changes

Game Protests

If your club has any disputes in regards to the result of the game i.e. match score, Ineligible players/officials etc. please be aware of the following actions you will need to take:

50.1 Any dispute or complaint relating to a Match must be recorded in accordance with the procedure indicated in Regulation 50.5 and followed by submission of a written report, which must be received at the Headquarters of Basketball England within 72 hours of the completion of the Match in question. Such submission must be accompanied by a deposit of £100. The deposit may be returned if the complaint is considered by Basketball England to be valid. Any Club that submits a complaint under this Regulation 50.1 must also send a copy of the complaint to the opposing Club, and to the Match Officials for the Match in question. Under no circumstances can any complaint be submitted which seeks to question the validity of the result of the Match on the grounds of the quality of Match Officials appointed by Basketball England or its nominees.

50.2 Disputes or protests in respect of Matches organised by Basketball England must be recorded in accordance with 50.1, and submitted in writing within one hour of the completion of the match, accompanied by a deposit of £100, to a member of the Technical Commission or where no such person is present, to the Commissioner, or the senior representative of Basketball England in attendance.

50.5 If, at the end of a Match, a Team considers that it has suffered unreasonable harm by virtue of any occurrence connected with the Match, with the exception of decisions by the match officials, the captain of the Team may sign the Scoresheet "under protest". This must be done within 10 minutes of the end of the Match. The Referee should ensure that the Scoresheet remains open until the 10-minute period has elapsed. All Match Officials should remain at the disposal of the referee until the Scoresheet has been signed by all parties. If a Team signs the Scoresheet "under protest", it must then adopt the procedure indicated under Regulations 50.1 and 50.2 to ensure the protest is valid. Regardless of subsequent actions, by signing the Scoresheet "under protest", a club becomes automatically liable to pay the deposit of £100.

Fixture Changes

Fixture changes can happen for various reason. Anything from venue issues to being unable to field a team can cause a fixture change to occur. If you need to change a fixture for your club, please ensure that the below points are followed:

Teams must agree any changes to fixtures with the opposing team and gain their consent to reschedule the game.

Please use the online schedules as your point of reference from now on and disregard any draft spreadsheets that have been circulated as these will not reflect any changes made since their circulation.

Here is a reminder of a couple of items regarding fixture changes:

1) The deadline to request fixture changes from your opposition is 31 August.
2) If you do not receive a response from your opposition with a request to change a fixture, we may be able to waive the fee should the request have been made before the deadline. We will need proof that the request was made before 31 August.
3) All fixture changes requested before the 31 August will need to be finalised by the 10th September. Should you not receive a response from your opposition please contact the National League department before this date. No fixture change fees will be waived after this second deadline.
4) Fixture changes sent after the deadline will be subject to the £25 fee.
5) Teams are not obligated to agree to fixture change requests. The rescheduling of a fixture is still by mutual consent in line with National League regulations.
6) If we receive notification of a fixture change, then we have to assume that agreement has been reached by both clubs to make this change. If it hasn’t and the website has been updated, then the fixture will be amended back to the original date.
7) Please do not copy the National Leagues Department in on correspondence/requests between clubs. We can only accept confirmed and agreed changes.

Any fixture changes that are required and request after the 31 August will only be accepted upon receipt of a completed Fixture Change Form and the relevant fee being paid.