NBL Live back to stream Men's and Women's Division One games

NBL Live returns on Saturday with the streaming of the showdown between Oaklands Wolves and Hemel Storm. 

That curtain-raiser will be followed by a range of fixtures from NBL Division One and WNBL Division One across the season. 

Games will be streamed on the Basketball England YouTube channel with professional filming and respected commentator John Hobbs joined by a selection of guest co-commentators on the mic. 

Gail Richards, BE Senior Delivery Manager for Leagues, Competitions and Events, said: “We are delighted to be able to announce the return of NBL Live to showcase a number of NBL and WNBL Division One fixtures during the season. 

“We have made a significant investment to ensure supporters across the league can continue to watch the sport and their teams while they are restricted from attending games. We aim to add more fixtures to the provisional list announced.” 

Hobbs said: “We are really looking forward to continuing our coverage of NBL and WNBL Division 1 games this season, especially given the fact that for the foreseeable future, supporters will unfortunately not be allowed to watch their teams in person. 

“Not only does the continuing coverage give those fans a chance to see their favourite teams in action, but it also gives the families that are living abroad a chance to watch their relatives in action too. 

“I’m looking forward to streaming a selection of this season’s games in the NBL and WNBL and getting started.” 

‘We want as many clubs as possible to broadcast games’ 

Basketball England is also encouraging clubs to livestream as many games as possible themselves, through the BE YouTube channel or their own platforms. 

So far this season more than 20 Lynch Trophy games and a handful of NBL games have been streamed this way on the BE YouTube channel. 

BE is planning to further support clubs with webinars and guidance about technical and presentation best practice through webinars and support documents. 

Richards added: “We intend NBL Live to be our flagship live streaming provision for the two leagues but we want as many clubs as possible to broadcast games themselves as well. We are making our BE YouTube channel available to host streams, along with game-day support, for any clubs who wish to use it. 

“Lots of great content has been broadcast already this season. We are aware that streaming games can be technically demanding for volunteers and those doing it for the first time, so we will be providing some guidance. Anyone needs support in the meantime should contact us at competitions@basketballengland.co.uk.” 

NBL Live schedule 

Saturday 21 November 

NBL1 - Oaklands Wolves 63-95 Hemel Storm

Saturday 12 December 

NBL1 - Solent Kestrels vs Worthing Thunder (6pm) 

Sunday 13 December

WNBL1 - Solent Kestrels vs Worcester Wolves (3:30pm)

Saturday 9 January 

NBL1: Solent Kestrels vs Thames Valley Cavaliers (6pm) 

Saturday 30 January 

NBL1: Essex Rebels vs Bradford Dragons (7pm) 

Sunday 14 February 

WNBL1 – Reading Rockets vs Loughborough Riders (2:30pm)

Saturday 20 February 

WNBL1: Loughborough Riders vs Anglia Ruskin (1pm) 

NBL1: Loughborough Riders vs Hemel Storm (2:30pm) 

Saturday 6 March 

NBL1: BA London Lions vs Derby Trailblazers (4pm) 

Sunday 21 March 

WNBL1: Reading Rockets vs Ipswich Basketball Club (2.30pm) 

NBL1: Reading Rockets vs Thames Valley Cavaliers (5pm) 

Saturday 10 April 

WNBL1: Solent Kestrels vs Cardiff Met Archers (3pm)