NBL Player Transfers

Licenced Players:

If you’ve been registered and licenced by a National League club but need to move to another, or if you're moving between teams for the same club, you’ll need a transfer form. You can download one from the following link: https://www.basketballengland.co.uk/media/2220/transfer-of-licence.pdf

All you need to do is get the form filled out by your old team, and by your new club, and then email it to nationalleague@basketballengland.co.uk so that we can move you over.

Once we have moved the player over you will receive an email that advises you to add them to a new registration form of which the competition fee will need to be paid. Once this has been done we will re-licence you to your new club.

Unlicenced players:

If you’ve been registered however not licenced by a national league club or you are unregistered to a club but need to move to another you will need to release your details to them.

To do this you will need go to a new registration form and add New Club Member. Here you will be asked to input their full name dob and postcode:

Once you have inputted the information the following message should appear of which you will be given two options, either you can email them of which they will need to log in to their membership portal, go to basic details then to preferences and either accept or decline the request to release their details. The second option is to notify Basketball England of the request of which the player or their parent/guardian if under 18 will need to call the office on 0300 6001 700 and ask Basketball England to accept their request to release their details.


Once this has been done the player/guardian will need to advise the club that the request has gone through, the club will need to add them to a registration form, submit the form and pay for it online. Basketball England will then licence them.