Note from the Chair

Continued Support for the BBF & the GB teams.

In response to recent media coverage in relation to the GB Age Group teams, this statement is intended to clarify the recent background and current position:

In February 2018, Basketball England submitted an application to Sport England seeking support for our talent programmes for the financial years 2018/19-2020/21. This included an exceptional request for financial year 2018/19 to enable Basketball England to allocate £150,000 of its England Talent Programme funding from Sport England in order to support the six GB Age Groups teams. The submission was successful in this respect, in addition to securing funding to underpin the Regional and National Talent Programmes in England until the end of March 2021. That submission was made shortly after Basketball England had agreed for another £150,000 of Sport England monies – ordinarily dedicated to the delivery of the Basketball Talent Pathway in England – to be made available to support the GB senior teams, which duly enabled those teams to conclude competition programmes towards the end of financial year 2017/18.

The re-allocation of £300,000 of planned Sport England investment to support GB activity has required Basketball England to make some changes to our programmes, which we are in the process of implementing.

Sport England grants are typically claimed on a quarterly basis and therefore, at the time of writing, Basketball England is not in receipt of all of the monies to fulfil all of the annual commitments we have.

However, in June of this year, in anticipation of receiving the monies and recognising the financial commitments the BBF themselves were required to make with respect to GB Age Group activity, Basketball England transferred £75,000 in advance of receiving either the formal offer letter/award agreement or the monies themselves. At that time, we also confirmed that as soon as we receive the remainder of the monies, we will transfer the remaining balance of £75,000. This commitment still stands and we are anticipating receiving additional resources in order to be able to do so before Friday 24th August 2018.

The inference that BE failed to draw down monies is incorrect as is the suggestion that we are withholding the grant. As highlighted above, but reiterated here for clarity, the situation remains that as soon as we receive the grant, the remainder of our (£75,000) financial commitment to the BBF will be paid. Finally, the reports that Basketball England has failed to draw funds from UK Sport are incorrect; Basketball England does not have a funding relationship with UK Sport and there was never a requirement for BE to apply to UK Sport for funds.




We have received some criticism in recent press stories and via email correspondence with regards to accepting a resolution to an AGM (Annual General Meeting) agenda and acting within the requirements of the Companies Act 2006. Having sought legal counsel from a practice that specialises in these matters, we’d like to take this opportunity to communicate the correct position to all of you:

Basketball England did receive a proposed member resolution for a vote of no confidence in our Chair on Friday, August 3 2018. This has been taken very seriously and BE sought independent legal advice to assess the merits and legitimacy of this. Our solicitors informed us that there were insufficient signatures of voting members on the document as per requirements set out in the Companies Act 2006. As a result, we will not are not including the proposed resolution as an item at our AGM. The Chair has discussed the proposal with the regional chairs and board members – all of whom confirmed their unanimous support for her at the meetings held on Friday, August 3 2018 and Monday, August 6 2018 respectively.

We have communicated this information to those involved in the petition and duly offered to meet them in person to address their apparent concerns.