Photography and Video Guidance for All BE Clubs

In February 2017, The Child Protection in Sport Unit (CPSU) updated their guidance on photography and videography regarding children in sport. In order to ensure your club is informed of best practice in the area, please take a look at the information below. Parents and young people generally welcome opportunities to celebrate or publicise their involvement and achievements when taking part in sport by photographing children at events. This could be at your basketball games, training sessions or tournaments so it is important you consider the details below carefully and click the link for more information.

Some of the important points from CPSU’s guidance that you and your club should follow when approaching photography and videography regarding children and sport include:

  • Knowledge that including a child's personal information (full name, address) alongside their image can make them identifiable and therefore vulnerable to individuals looking to locate or contact them. Even if personal details are kept confidential, other details identifying their sports organisation, school or club, or their favourite sportsperson or team, can also be used in harmful ways.
  • The use of photos and videos on websites and social media, and in posters, the press or other publications, can pose direct and indirect risks to children and young people if not managed and stored correctly. Clubs wishing to use or permit the use of images of children involved in their activities must therefore have a policy in place to safeguard them.
  • Most spectators – especially competitors’ family and friends – will want to take photos or videos at sports events. Clubs responsible for sports and activity events must have a photography policy and procedures in place to safeguard children. This could include a total ban on any photography, registration of individuals who intend to take photos or a request that no public photography is taken during certain parts of an event.
  • A growing number of incidents are being reported that involve inappropriate or illegal photography of children in changing and shower areas of manysports and leisure facilities. This is something all clubs you should be aware of.

CPSU has a large body of advice on this matter that can help you and your club. This can range from identifying risk, minimising a potential issue and responding to concerns as well as additional resources if you have further questions.

Melissa Hauge, Director of Governance, Risk and Compliance said, “It is important that everyone involved in basketball remains updated on current good practice whenever we can. You should check the Basketball England webpage regularly for any policy and guidance updates. As season approaches we want to ensure all procedures are up to date and properly followed.”

For the full article from CPSU, please go to the following page: