Photography Guidance from our Safeguarding & Compliance Manager, Ross McGowan.

Basketball England is committed to providing a safe environment for children to participate in. An essential aspect to this commitment is to ensure that all necessary steps are taken to prevent inappropriate images being taken or innocent images being adapted for inappropriate use.

When we refer to the term 'images' we are referring to any photographs and videos that are taken on any device that has the capability to do so. 

Below I have broken down the key pointers that your club and yourself should be aware of when using photography and videos within your basketball sessions, games and events: 

  • Parents/guardians and children should consent for images to be taken, how those images may be used and where they may be used;

  • NEVER assume consent was given, if it is not clear or you do not know that consent has been given, do not take images or use them;

  • Consent only lasts for one year and is not indefinite; unless identified to be shorter or longer;

  • If a child or parents/guardians circumstances change, it is down to them to inform the club in writing that they wish to retract their consent

  • Images should convey the best principles and aspects of basketball, such as fairness and fun;

  • Care should be taken to ensure that images are appropriate and not open to obvious misinterpretation or misuse; focus on the activity rather than the person, ensure they are wearing suitable clothing;

  • NEVER publish personal details (email address, telephone number, address, social media accounts etc) of a child with their photograph as this could place a child at risk;

  • Images should never be taken in changing rooms;

  • Unsupervised access to children or one to one photo sessions should not be approved;

  • Clubs/Teams are within their right to refuse permission to take photos or videos at games at any time

Using photographers at events are a great way to capture the fun and enjoyment that basketball brings to so many, but it may have repercussions if not managed correctly. Below are some basic steps to take when hiring photographers for your events: 

  • Photographers that you may hire in should complete a self-declaration form to ensure you, as a club, are doing the appropriate due diligence in allowing them around Under 18's
  • They should be given a brief of what images you are expecting to gain throughout the game, event or tournament as this gives you control over the images and ensures that they are aware of the "Do's & Dont's" and set what is acceptable and appropriate behaviour at your event.
  • If there are children at the game, event or tournament that have not consented to images being taken of them then this needs to be communicated to the photographer to ensure that the rights of that child and their parents/guardians are respected.

During the event:

  • Ensure there is a registration system for spectators upon arrival;

  • Display signs informing people how to register, the guidelines for event and informing them they must adhere to guidelines.

  • Inform players and their parents/guardians that a photographer will be in attendance at the event;

Our photography guidance and also a photography consent form can be found on our website within all our safeguarding guidance and procedures which can be used as a basis for your club. 

Having read the Child Protection in Sport (CPSU) section on their website, they provide good knowledge and information on how to appropriately use photography and they have developed their own resource bank to help clubs and organisations in developing and implementing a safe photography policy. More information and the resource bank can be found here

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