Top 5 Tips For Upgrading Outdoor Courts

We recently chatted to Peter Griffiths, Senior Delivery Manager (Infrastructure) at Basketball England to get his top tips on what to do if you want to help upgrade your local outdoor court!  

  1. Obtain permission and support from the site owner - Before you start work, you need to find out who the court belongs to. You'll also need permission from the site owner to upgrade the court. It's likely they'll support the project, especially if you are raising the funds for the work, but it is always best to check as a first step.
  2. Check in with Basketball England for design advice and any funding streams available - We don't like to sound modest, but we do have a lot of information and advice no matter what kind of project you are planning. We can help with pointers on floor resurfacing, line marking and painting, basket installation, fencing, lighting and plenty more. We can also point you in the right direction of some potential funding streams that might be available and give you tips on what you might need to do to access each one.
  3. Contact outdoor play/sports companies for quotes and decide your budget/target for funding - Some work, such as replacing a ring or putting down new line markings might be relatively cheap but resurfacing a full court might be a bit more expensive. Before you begin a project and commit to raising funds, it's always a good idea to know what sort of capital you need to make your plans a reality. 
  4. Consider different options to raise funding of your own - There are a number of different ways to raise the cash you need for a new project. Crowd funding, sponsorship from local businesses and accessing local community funds are all popular options, but the are others available. If you have an element of funding in place, this may help when looking for additional opportunities from national organisations such as Sport England.
  5. Advertise the project - Once you have everything in place and you're ready to get started, it's a good idea to start talking about your project. Advertise what you're planning to do to raise awareness and support, and don't forget you'll need to warn people that the courts will be out of action for a while when the work takes place. You can also start to get people excited about the newly renovated court they'll soon be able to play on!

If you want any more information on any of the points above, or you have a project you'd like to discuss with us, please click the button below to get in touch!