Under 13 Boys Regional Development Tournament - Day 1

After day 1 of the Boys U13 Regional Development Tournament, there was a lot to discuss. With an inspirational level of play on display, coaches and fans alike were quick to pay tribute to the on court quality that was readily available throughout proceedings. With performances being paramount and results secondary, a number of players took it upon themselves to showcase their obvious talent on greater stage and learn from the experience. It wasn't just players who took the opportunity to better themselves though, with experienced assessors on hand for table officials, referees and coaches, it was a beneficial day of basketball for a large cross section of the sport.

On court in Pool A, a 3-way tie between the West Midlands, South East and North West at 3-1 meant that some additional calculations were required to work out the placings for Sunday’s fixtures. In the end West Midlands came out on top, followed by South East, with the North West unlucky not to be able to take up a semi-final place despite a strong showing on the day. With 3 teams performing at such a high level, the East Midlands at 1-3 and South West at 0-4 found it hard to keep up. Their records were by no means reflective of the talent at their disposal as all teams showed that promising players are on tap across the country. 

Pool B was a much more straight forward affair. The East region and London could only be separated after a real spectacle of a contest to end things on court 2, but it was London who prevailed to top the group at 4-0. That meant East had to settle for 2nd place but with a place in the semi-finals as a consolation, they’ll be hoping to get some revenge if those 2 teams meet again on Sunday. South finished with a respectable 2-2 record, followed by Yorkshire at 1-3 and the North East at 0-4.

Speaking after London’s 4-0 day 1, Head Coach Sterling Muschett was quick to pay tribute not only to his roster, but also the quality of the players on show throughout the day, “The standard of these young boys is impressive. They play hard, they play together, there’s no egos, coaches around the country at the regional level are doing such a great job.

Billy Beddow, Head Coach of the East region had similar sentiments for the tournament as a whole, “The standard of the entire tournament has gone up this year. We’ve had some competitive games in our pool with 3 teams going at each other all day. We managed to take 2nd, but London were dominant on day 1. Really, really pleased with my team, we stuck to what we worked on in training, and right now we’re sticking to it. It’s won us a place in the semi-finals and we’ll see if we can keep it up tomorrow.

The final placings after Saturday were as follows:

Pool A

1) West Midlands 3-1
2) South East 3-1
3) North West 3-1
4) East Midlands 1-3
5) South West 0-4

Pool B

1) London 4-0
2) East 3-1
3) South 2-2
4) Yorkshire 1-3
5) North East 0-4


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With placings finalised, that means the following schedule for Sunday:


Court 1 – North West v North East
Court 2 – South West v South
Court 3 – East Midlands v Yorkshire


Court 1 – West Midlands v East (Semi Final 1)
Court 3 – South East v London (Semi Final 2)


Court 1 – East Midlands v South
Court 2 – North West v Yorkshire
Court 3 – South West v North East


British Shooting Test


Court 1 – North West v South
Court 2 – East Midlands v North East
Court 3 – South West v Yorkshire


Court 2 – Final
Court 3 – 3rd/4th place playoff

Presentations will follow the conclusion of each of the 2:35pm games.

Throughout Saturday, all players in attendance took part in the British Shooting Test, a timed drill where consecutive shots are taken from each elbow the key. The top scoring player from each region has been selected to participate in Sunday’s final. These particpants are as follows:

Pool A

South East – Antony Corne
West Midlands – T Lacy
North West – Bradley May
South West – Stan Pitt
East Midlands – Isaac Round

Pool B

East – Reuben Potter
South – Zak Missouri
Yorkshire – Latrell Davies
North East – Max Poulter
London – Zion Depaah

We look forward to seeing all players, parents and teams tomorrow at the National Basketball Performance Centre in Manchester for what is sure to be another impressive day of basketball.