Women In Sport Week - Melissa Hague, Director of Governance, Risk and Compliance

Basketball England is proud to support Women’s Sport Week by sharing the real life success stories of women working within Basketball.

Melissa Hague, Director of Governance, at Basketball England has worked both in football and basketball and believes that women in sport are strong, intelligent, inspirational and powerful. She chose to work in Basketball specifically because she believes it crosses all divides and unifies; “It has an amazing reach. You have the freedom to shoot hoops on your own, with friends, play recreationally or competitively. It inspires young people to never give up and to always reach for their dreams. It’s the great unifier.”

Hague has seen the dedication of players, parents, coaches, officials and volunteers giving their all to a sport they love and believes this passion for sport transcends gender, race and age; “I have seen first-hand the positive and powerful impact sport has on the lives of children, the community and the families who support them.

“I remember once a club owner telling me they had re mortgaged their own home to keep their club going for the kids. I know what it feels like to give your all for a sport you love. If they can do it then I feel it’s my job to give them the best service and experience I can. If you can dream it, then you can hold it in your hands!”

Hague believes women in sport should never compromise their ethics or integrity and never allow loyalty to place their integrity into question; “Always work for the best interest of the sport, even if that means it’s not always in your best interest. The sport is bigger that the ‘I’.”

Stewart Kellett, CEO at Basketball England said; ‘We’re proud to support Women’s Sport Week and celebrate equality and diversity within sport. Basketball England is an equal opportunities employer, with experienced, talented and knowledgeable female staff, who are an inspiration to other women who have an aspiration to work in sport.”

To find out more about women in sport, please go to the following website: https://www.womeninsport.org/

Or check out their twitter feed at https://twitter.com/Womeninsport_uk