Satellite Clubs

These clubs are a great way to be involved with basketball outside of school, but not have that big commitment of joining a club. They are based in secondary schools, colleges and universities, but are for everyone who wants to have a go. Sessions have an open door policy so it doesn't matter if you're not part of the host club, everyone is welcome to attend.

The idea of a satellite club is to be fun and informal and it’s all about getting as many students in one area as possible to BE involved.  Coaches from our specially trained clubs make sessions as relaxed as possible whilst ensuring your personal and playing skills are developing too.  
Usually the sessions are between 1-1.5 hours, after school or at the weekends and run throughout your academic year. Another great thing about them (as if there weren’t loads already!) is they’re usually really cheap to attend or even free!

If you decide basketball is for you and you’re interested in playing in competitions and even joining a team, we can help make the move into competitive basketball all the smoother by offering local competitions to start you off, and gradually moving you into a club set up where you can play weekly and eventually play in the Basketball England leagues!

There are two types of satellite club, one called Nothing but Net, and the other called Premier League 4 Sport.

Nothing but Net gives young people between the age of 14-18 the opportunity to participate in weekly basketball sessions in a local school, college or university and is run by our network of satellite clubs. These sessions are specifically designed to be relaxed, fun and for every level of ability. Whether you’re a boy or girl, interested in joining a club or you just want to have fun with friends and get fit Nothing but Net is a great way to do all of these. Learn more about Nothing but Net.

Premier League 4 Sport is the same principle as Nothing but Net – but is in partnership with the Premier Football League. Cool right! Clubs like Manchester United, Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur and Newcastle United have their own community basketball clubs where you can play basketball in a relaxed environment and get better as a player. Premier League 4 Sport helps people to do that with exciting coaching drills and innovative skills sessions, as well as a chance to have fun with your friends, meet new people and be related to your favourite football team. Learn more about Premier League 4 Sport.

Streetball Champion is a programme which is an extra to satellite club activities. Basically, there are 10 different online interactive basketball challenges based on Streetball and Freestyle basketball which get released on social media every two weeks and are available to view on our YouTube channel. These are challenges you can practice anywhere, and means you can go to your satellite club and show off your new skills in an attempt to be crowned winners of each task by your satellite club organiser. The National Finals will be hosted by The Street Team who features in the videos; they will then set the cream of the crop a series of challenges, where one male and one female will be awarded the title of Streetball Champion. For more details on how your satellite club can take part contact our Satellite Club Officers.

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