Premier League 4 Sport

The Premier League...everyone knows who they are right? Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool...we could go on. So what has the Premier League got to do with basketball?

Well...Premier League 4 Sport is the result of an exciting partnership between Basketball England, Sport England and the Football Premier League.

A bit like Nothing but Net, this programme is run by our satellite clubs who run special sessions to get as many young people as possible into basketball in the community.

The difference is that in partnership with The Premier League, clubs like Aston Villa, Tottenham and Newcastle have their own community basketball clubs where you can play basketball in a relaxed environment, get better as a player, have fun with friends and make new ones too...and who doesn’t want to be a part of their favourite football team’s satellite basketball club?

Not only that, if you then want to join a basketball club outside of this programme the satellite clubs will help find a team in your local area that will suit your level and ability.

We want to get people who perhaps wouldn’t look at playing basketball outside of school and education to give it a go, and Premier League 4 Sport helps people to do that with exciting coaching drills and innovative skills sessions, as well as a chance to have fun with your friends, meet new people and be related to your favourite football team. And all for free...what are you waiting for?!

For more information on Premier League 4 Sport and the fantastic work they do, visit The Premier League.