Basketball England has produced new guidance to support everyone in the basketball community following the Government’s decision to remove all social distancing measures from the 19 July 2021.  

It is replaces BE’s Return to Play Roadmap that provided detailed guidance and support to allow for the safe return of the sport. 

We will continue to add to this list of FAQS as we receive common themes of feedback to the plan, or as Government advice changes that requires clarification.

What are the key elements behind the Return to Play Level 0? +
  1. If you feel unwell, stay at home
  2. Masks, temperature checks, venue and equipment - basic hygiene
  3. COVID-19 Officer role integrated to Welfare Officer
Do we need to continue to screen members? +

At the venue you do not have to. However, we ask all players, staff and coaches to self-screen before you leave the house.

What is self-screening? +

Ask yourself - do I have a cough, cold, fever, headaches or generally feel unwell? If so, do not to play basketball.

What happens if there is a positive COVID case in our club? +

Anyone that comes into contact with that individual 48 hours before the symptoms or positive test will need to self isolate as the NHS or government guidelines stipulate.

Contact is defined as being within 2m for more than 15 minutes. Thanks to research, we know that for most training and playing, there will not be enough contact. However, we also understand that the risk areas are outside of the court environment such as on the benches or to and from the court.

Therefore, continuing to adopt sensible social distancing would be good practice.

This would help reduce risk of transmission. It would still be up to the club to decide whether there has been enough contact to require individuals to self-isolate. We still encourage a risk-averse strategy.

Do we need to continue to keep socially distanced? +

No. However, good practice would be to continue to stay distanced as this reduces the risk of transmission.

Do I still have to self-isolate? +

Currently, you still have to self isolate if you either have a positive PCR test or have come into contact with an individual that has a positive PCR test.

How long do I have to isolate for? +

It is the law to isolate for 10 days from the onset of your symptoms or from the date of the test if you do not have symptoms.

Do I still have to wear masks? +

No. The Government has said it is not a legal requirement although in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland there are different guidelines.

We are strongly encouraging people to wear masks if they feel it is safer and/or they are in crowded areas.

Do you have to continue to adhere to hygiene guidance? +

We strongly encourage everyone to continue with normal hygiene guidance and therefore washing hands regularly, catching coughs and sneezes in tissues and using wipes to sanitise heavily used areas.

Will the venue reopen as normal? +

Capacity within the venues is returning to pre-COVID levels, however some venues may not want to do this straight away.

Each venue may be different and have their own rules.

Do I have to report a positive COVID-19 case to Basketball England? +

No, you do not have to report any COVID positive results.

However, we encourage you to follow Government guidance and continue to keep a record of attendance and notify the participants of positive tests in order for them to isolate.

Do we still need a COVID-19 Officer? +

Clubs do not have to continue with a COVID-19 Officer, however we suggest this role gets integrated into the Welfare Officer role.