proposed licence changes

Basketball England Safeguarding Team have put forward a proposal regarding new licencing requirements, and we've opened consultation on this.


Proposed licencing changes for 2020/21 and 2021/22

After a considerable amount of research and as part of the continual effort to ensure the sport is as safe as possible, a few changes have been proposed that relate to licencing over the next few years. The details are as follows:

In 2020/21, all officiating and coaching tutors, instructors, coordinators and developers will need to complete the following: 

  • Enhanced with Barred List Check for the Children’s Workforce. Renewal every 3 years.
  • Self-Declaration Form – SG1
  • Safeguarding Training – Face-to-face recommended

These steps will apply to all adult and junior league referees and officials (both Local League and NBL) from the start of the 2021/22 season for all referees and officials above the age of 16. Safeguarding Training would appy from the age of 18.

We are encouraging members to apply for Basketball England DBS checks as we are proposing that we align our practices with other Sports, by making a Basketball England DBSs an essential requirement from 2023, rather than accepting scanned copies from other employers. This will again help us to improve the system and protect members.

As stated, these changes are at the proposal stage and we welcome the feedback of all members about how they feel these changes could affect them, or indeed if they support the changes proposed. To find out more information on the changes, and to provide your feedback, please use the buttons below.


Further details from the safeguarding statement are available using the FAQs below. If you have any questions about safeguarding, or the statement itself, please contact the safeguarding department.

Why have these licencing changes been proposed? +

In considering changes for 2020/21, the Safeguarding Team have reviewed the licensing requirements in other team and individual sports, such as football and rugby union, and have also reflected on serious cases we have dealt with over the past five years.

In addition, there are many situations where adults are working in an unsupervised capacity with players, fellow officials and coaches who are Under 18; either training, teaching, instructing, caring, advising, driving or supervising. Equally, officials and coaches can qualify from the age of 16, but many tutors allow children who are younger to begin their training or work alongside adults.

Up until this point, Basketball England have advised that those who believe themselves to be in ‘Regulated Activity’ to complete a DBS check but we have not made this mandatory. This presents opportunities for potential perpetrators to take advantage of their position in our sport.

How much does it cost for Safeguarding training? +

The cost of Safeguarding training varies. Basketball England recommend all staff and volunteers working with children complete a face-to-face training course (usually valid for 3 years). Basketball England also accept online courses (usually valid for 1 year).

A list of recommended courses can be found on our website:

We also accept safeguarding training completed through another organisation – we will require a certificate or a letter on letterheaded paper with the name of the course, the date it was completed and how long it is valid for.

What is a Self-Declaration? +

Self-declaration and disclosure forms are used by many organisations as part of safe recruitment practices. They are a recommended practice by the CPSU. They can provide additional information which can be assessed alongside an individual’s DBS, in order to consider their suitability for a particular role. The form is also used to confirm a wider range of consents/agreements.

From 2020/21, the Self-Declaration forms will be able to be completed digitally via the Membership System. This process is all a part of our due diligence as an organisation, making sure that we have the right people within the sport. 

Do Basketball England accept the DBS update service? +

Yes, as long as Basketball England have seen the original DBS Certificate. The check must also be for the right workforce (i.e. Children’s Workforce or Adult’s Workforce depending on role) and the right level of check.