regional talent hubs.

Following a successful pilot of the Regional Talent Hub (RTH) concept at the University of Essex in partnership with British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS) and the Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme (TASS), Basketball England will now roll it out nationwide with 10 RTHs spread across the country.

In its basic form, the RTHs act as a home for the Talent System on a local level – providing a facility for a number of the programmes as well as support services for all of the identified players within the region.

The Hubs will be tasked with reforming and enhancing the Talent basketball workforce through CPD and facilitated development opportunities, while also collaborating with the club and school networks in identifying and supporting talented athletes.

Operationally, the RTHs will be bolstered by an Enterprise Team of students, who will be coordinated onsite by the RTH Coordinator and directed by a Regional Talent Manager (formerly Performance Coach Coordinator).

The research and consultation we have undertaken through the Basketball Development Model (BDM) clearly indicates that this structure will have multiple benefits that will ultimately result in a significant improvement to the game, players and resource leverage.

We will be commencing with an Expression of Interest process in October 2018 to identify University partners and plan to have full coverage by June 2019.