Meet the Team.

Stewart Kellett

Chief Executive

Delivery Department

David Butler

Delivery Director

Infrastructure (Coaching, Officiating, Facilities and Club Development) Team

Peter Griffiths

Senior Manager

Brian Aldred

Delivery Manager

Simon Unsworth

Delivery Manager

Game (Leagues, Competitions and Events) Team

Gail Richards

Senior Manager

Taner Adu

Delivery Manager

Relationship & Co-ordination Team

Jon Stonebridge

Senior Relationship & Co-ordination Manager (Central)

Dave Stott

Relationship & co-ordination Manager (North)

Laura Doherty

 Senior Relationship & co-ordination Manager (South)

Marketing & Communications Department

Sarah Robertson

Marketing & Communications Director

Ian Cawthorne

PR & Communications Manager

Talent & Performance Department

Charlie Ford

Programme & Pathway Integration Manager

Governance, Risk and Compliance Department

Ross McGowan

Safeguarding & Compliance Manager

Customer Service Team

Bex Cunningham

Customer Service Team Manager

Barney Blake

Customer Service Executive

Kate Bailey

Customer Service Executive

Georgia Jones

Customer Service Executive

Emma Connolly

Customer Service Executive