Safeguarding Training & Research.

You may be a safeguarding guru or a complete novice, but there is always something new to learn when it comes to safeguarding and child protection. 

If you are working with under 18's you must undergo safeguarding training, this page is to provide more information on the different and varying courses/training and research that safeguarding encompasses to help educate and promote continued learning in Safeguarding.

Qualifying coaches should attend tutor-led, interactive learning.

Basketball England

On occasion we do run our own Basketball England Safeguarding course in conjunction with our Regions and also Areas.

When these courses have been confirmed, along with courses ran across the country by the County Sport Partnerships (CSP's), we will advertise these courses here!


The NSPCC provide training and consultancy to help grow child protection knowledge and skills. They have worked with numerous different sectors so have expert knowledge on safeguarding and child protection. 

Online Courses - They provide face to face training but they have developed a range of online courses to help fit into everyone's day to day basis. They provide an introduction to child protection in sport courses that is suitable for anyone involved in basketball. It provides anyone who works in sport with the skills to act appropriately and confidently to safeguarding children in sports activities.   

Face-to-face training - The NSPCC provide an face-to-face training day to teach you how to recognise, report and record concerns about a child’s welfare.  It is a classroom based course where you will learn how to:

  • identify what is meant by safeguarding and child abuse
  • name the categories of child abuse and neglect
  • recognise the signs and indicators of possible abuse
  • identify the relevant legislation and guidance that safeguards young people
  • identify the barriers to children and adults reporting concerns
  • know how to respond and report your concerns

More information on the course and how to find one near you click here

Developing good practices - They also provide different courses to help embed good practice throughout organsiaitons & clubs, they range from:

Research & Learning - The NSPCC have a whole section of their website dedicated to research, leaflets, guidance and evaluations that share what they have learned from their services to children and families

You can find statistics, search research & resources by abuse type and sign up to the Current Awareness Service for Practice, Policy and Research email alerts which provides you with regular updates on current awareness for practice, policy and research and safeguarding/child protection news (they even have a Tumblr blog!).  

Child Protection in Sport Unit (CPSU)

The CPSU have developed webinars, conferences and training events to develop knowledge and skills in safeguarding and child protection. 

They cater for people of all levels of knowledge in safeguarding, they provide the following training: 

If you are unsure about what level of training you need, CPSU have a tool to help you figure that out. You can find out which level here

Maybe you are looking for particular help or knowledge on a specific subject? The CPSU provide information on a variety of subjects ranging from LGBT young people in sport, Parents in Sport, Photography and much more! More information on these sections and additional knowledge can be found here

The CPSU have developed a bank of online webinars which they develop regularly and add to over the course of the year. The topics vary again from Safeguarding Disabled children, bullying in sport, assessing your organisations safeguarding practices and many more. The range of different webinars can be found on their website here

Resources & templates - You may be looking to develop your own practices or need a toolkit to assess your safeguarding needs, the CPSU have a resource library full or publications, videos and toolkits to help you sure up your own practices. 

Further information - The CPSU have developed a online course for coaches, welfare officers, committee members and club volunteers to help show you how you can increase young people's participation in the planning and running of sports activities, and how this benefits everyone. This course was developed in conjunction with the FA and UEFA.  Click here for more information. 

UK Coaching

UK Coaching provide various different workshops for anyone who works within the sport sector. Their workshops range from Behaviour Change Tactics, Coaching Young Children to Safeguarding & protecting Children. Their Safeguarding & protecting Children is in place to ensure coaches and volunteers in sport are up to speed on the following topics:

  • identify and recognise good coaching practice and the implications for your coaching
  • explore your values and feelings in relation to child abuse, and recognise their potential impact on your response
  • recognise and respond to possible signs of child abuse
  • take appropriate action if concerns about a child arise.

The course is face-to-face and is delivered over a 3 hour period, but, the certificate is valid for 3 years and it also means you are eligible to undertake the one year refresher course. More information on the Safeguarding Workshop can be found here and where the nearest one is to you, search here.

For Under 13's to Under 17's, the above course does not accommodate for them,  instead UK Coaching have set up a 'Safeguarding for Young Volunteers' course which provides young coaches, officials, volunteers and sports leaders, with age-appropriate safeguarding information. It’s the ideal environment for young coaches, referees, officials and volunteers to develop their confidence in how to identify what abuse of a child in sport may look like, how they should take action appropriate to their age and status, and how to keep themselves safe in sport.

Resources & Further Development - UK Coaching have a resource bank that they have built over a period of time to hold a range of different resources for coaches who are keen on developing their coaching practice. You can search and filter by different topics and also refine your search by type of research you are wanting. 

If you are coaching children and wish to refine your coaching practice, in terms of making your sessions more suitable for children, how to engage them more in appropriate ways - click here for more information.

Wessex Coach Education

Wessex Coach Education are holding CPSU approved Safeguarding Workshops throughout May, June and July.

They are now able to run 'Club Only' private face-to-face courses and the Virtual Classroom can also be run as a 'Club Only' private course if required.

Please visit their website for more information.

Continual Professional Development

The ‘Safeguarding and Protecting Children’ 3-hour face-to-face course is recommended for all individuals who have responsibility or contact with children. 'Safeguarding' training is a mandatory requirement for licensing. The frequency of these update courses varies between providers.

However, in addition to Safeguarding training there are also many opportunities to increase your awareness of safeguarding related topics, free-of-charge. There are a number of online learning tools on safeguarding issues that are available to staff, volunteers and parents. These courses do not meet the Safeguarding requirements for licensing as a Coach, but are an optional extra. 

The following online courses (listed A to Z) are provided by external organisations and can be accessed directly via their websites – please note you may be required to register with some providers. Please share these opportunities for personal development within your networks so we can work together to broaden the knowledge throughout the Basketball community.