The Disciplinary Code 

The Disciplinary Code is a commitment to strengthening the integrity of basketball at all levels to make it as fair, safe and enjoyable as possible for everyone involved. 

The Code underpins the rules and regulations governing all participants – players, coaches, officials, staff and volunteers, setting out a fair and transparent process to be followed where there is a potential breach of rules or regulations.  

The Code aims to reset the standards of acceptable conduct outlined in the Code of Ethics and Conduct, and build trust in the organisation to take action when behaviour falls below the standard expected by the basketball community.   

The Disciplinary Code and Publication Policy come into effect from 1st September 2022, and will be applicable to any incidents committed on or after this date.

To support the launch of the Disciplinary Code support documents have been produced to help understand the impact of the Code and the what it means for various members.    

The main documents are linked by clicking the images below, and a list of additional resources are available at the bottom of the page.

Additional resources

The following links are all clickable for further information.

Support for Regions and Affiliated Leagues

League support – identifying serious cases

League support – implementing and embedding the Disciplinary Code

League support - video guidance on League Discipline Officers

Support for Match Officials

Guidance for Match Officials

Match Official - video guidance

Support for Clubs and Players

Disciplinary Code at a Glance

Clubs and players - reporting flowchart

Discrimination and Aggravated Breaches – Process Overview

Serious offences against Match Officials - Process Overview

Club and players - identifying discrimination

Adults at Risk and Young People in the Discipline Process

Club Responsibility - due diligence explained

Personal Hearing - step by step 

Appeals Process

Support for anyone in the disciplinary process

If you need to let us know about anything you’ve seen or heard, click here to see the reporting options

If you are unsure how, or if, you should report something, or if you have any questions get in touch with us using the button below. 

The Disciplinary Code and Sanction Guidelines are in their infancy, and feedback is welcomed as part of the efforts to continually improve.

Any feedback can be provided to us by clicking the button below.