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Code of Conduct

To make sure everyone involved in basketball is treated in a fair, equal and just way we have a code of ethics and conduct across everything we do.
We also have a specific one for all you match officials that officiate at games from international level, right down to recreational games.

It’s pretty basic stuff, and we are sure you’re all doing it without thinking. But just to make sure we are keeping you and the players you officiate on the right track below are some basic guidelines and you should download the full match officials code of conduct here just to familiarise yourself with it and make sure you can tick them all off!

  • Equality. Make sure everyone is treated the same.
  • Consistent, impartial and courteous.
  • To ensure when you’re travelling with players under 18 there’s another adult with you.
  • If teams play well – tell them both when you can. Having an official tell you you’re doing is great for moral.
  • Sportsmanship – sometimes we need to make judgement calls to make sure the spirit of the game isn’t lost.
  • Patience – we know sometimes it’s hard! But still, some players might be still learning and growing as players...officials must appreciate this.
  • Keeping up – make sure you’re up with play. Physically and mentally.
  • Be confident – don’t be afraid to make decisions. You’ve done your course, you’re qualified, you know the game!
  • Be careful – If you’re not completely physical or mentally fit, call us and we can reallocate.
  • Don’t tolerate inappropriate language – we pride ourselves on being a well respected sport, people who use offensive language should not be part of that.