Officiating Resources.

Officiating Resources

Crew Chief Checks for all Games

  • Player license cards 
    • no license = no play
  • Table official license cards 
    • report any instances where the table official does not present a valid licence card
  • Facility
    • equipment that maybe substandard or not according to Basketball England regulations should be reported to Basketball England
  • A representative from each team should be present at the scorer’s table at least 1 hour prior to the scheduled tip time. If this is not the case please report this to Basketball England.

License Cards Online Platform

The Game Day platform will be used once again to view teams license cards as well as your own.

Clubs should be ready on game day to present license cards to the officials on a smart device or mobile phone so that licenses can be validated.

The licence cards page (when viewed via the Game Day service) can be printed out and taken to a game, this must be printed in full colour.

Once you are logged into your membership account, click on the below link to view your card. The attached guide takes you through the process step by step.

Please ensure you update any bookmarks you may have saved: Game Day

Assignr is the online portal that we use to assign officials to senior NBL games. You can download the guide below which gives you details on how to use the system as well as some additional requirements about what is required once you receive an assignment.

  • Assignr does not allow for specific availability requirements such as ‘only one game per weekend please’ please email Simon Unsworth if you have any requests similar to this for game nominations.
  • If you are available for games in a location other than where you live, please advise and Simon will endeavour to get you a game.
  • If you do not confirm your game by 12pm on the Wednesday before that weekend’s games you will be removed from the game and replaced with another official.
  • Fitness test requirements - If you have not completed the fitness test and wish to do so then please contact Simon Unsworth with a date and time of when you plan on running so that we can organise an invigilator. All test should be record and sent to Simon Unsworth for validation
  • Rules test requirements – we have no plans to conduct a rules test for those who did not attend the National Officiating Conference. This may change in the future.
  • Please keep your personal availability calendar up to date to avoid unnecessary game declines.
  • You will be expected to travel the shortest route to each game you are assigned and also together with your co official if this option proves to be cheaper. If you do not have the address details for your partners please contact Simon Unsworth directly.
  • If a game tip shows as 12:12 on Assignr this means there has been no confirmation as to what the tip time is at that point.
  • If there is a discrepancy with the details on Assignr to the details on the Basketball England website, the website takes precedent over the details on Assignr. Please contact Simon Unsworth direct so that any corrections can be made.