Officiating Resources.

On this page you will find all the resources you require to be ready to officiate.

As the season is in full swing we want to ensure that you have all the information you need to be game ready. On this page you will find resources and documents which will assist you over the course of the season.

NBL Regulations & Match Officials Handbook

Below you can access the NBL Regulations, Team Contacts and the Match Officials Handbook for the current season. The Regulations and handbook will assist you to prepare for the games that you officiate throughout the season, before during and after.  Read carefully the policies and procedures outline in each document.

Officials Expenses Forms

Below are the expense forms to be completed for all (J)NBL games. The options are to send an electronic version which the club will receive or print of the printable copy form and hand this in to the Game Day Delegate prior to the game commencing. Details about payment can be found in the National League Handbook.

Recommended Local Officiating Rates

Below are the Basketball England recommended rates for officiating for games that take place in local leagues, schools, colleges, universities and so on. There are no requirements for these to be the rates that a league or association set and you should check with the organisation appointing you to the game what the fee is.

Please visit the National Basketball League regulations (appendix 3) for the National Basketball League match fees.

In addition to the recommended match fee, Basketball England suggest that relevant expenses are paid at 45p per mile or public transport cost.


FIBA Referee - £24
Level 4 Referee - £23
Level 3 Referee - £21
Level 2 Referee - £20
Level 1 Referee - £19

Travel expenses £0.45 per mile


FIBA Table Official - £18
Level 4 Table Official - £17
Level 3 Table Official - £13
Level 2 Table Official - £12
Level 1 Table Official - £11

Travel expenses £0.45 per mile

Other Officiating Resources