Basketball England is fully committed to equality in terms of opportunity and open access.


This includes commitment to protecting and tackling discrimination and ensuring that no employee, job applicant, volunteer or member receives less favourable treatment on the grounds of the protected characteristics of age, sex, race (including colour, nationality, ethnic or national origins), disability, religion or belief, sexual orientation, marriage and civil partnership, gender reassignment, pregnancy and maternity. 

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What happens next?

Our Safeguarding and Compliance Team will assess the incident and investigate fully where required. They may contact you for further information or contact other witnesses. If there is insufficient evidence to determine whether a case is likely to succeed, there may be no further action. 

If there is sufficient evidence that there is a case to answer, a Disciplinary Panel will be formed. Disciplinary Panel is responsible for ensuring that all allegations, incidents, or referrals are dealt with fairly and equitably.   

What about the outcome?

All decisions relating to Code of Ethics and Conduct and other policy breaches are made based on the balance of probability 

If a case is provenBasketball England regards discrimination, harassment or victimisation as serious misconduct and the most likely outcome would be mandatory training, a fine and/or temporary, permanent or indefinite suspension. If the incident which has been reported occurred ‘in-game’, the Disciplinary Points System would also be applied. 

If in the interests of upholding the integrity of Basketball, BE reserve the right to publicise the outcome of proven cases.