Club Support

 Club Support

It is important that we are able to help and develop clubs across England. We have created a number of resources and deliver workshops in various areas of club development, with the ultimate aim of making clubs resilient, sustainable, dynamic and engaging. This is certainly not a one size fits all area - the resources, videos and workshops help you to explore how to develop YOUR club to meet the needs of members. Particular areas of development can include:

  • Governance and Structures
  • Club Development Plans
  • Finance
  • Participation growth
  • Membership expansion
  • Developing fruitful partnerships
  • Social Media

The resources below have been developed using knowledge within this area, but more importantly, experiences, views and good practice from within  the basketball community. Similarly to clubs developing, the resources and information will develop through time to ensure that emerging practices and new areas of development are at the forefront and helps basketball clubs excel locally, regionally and nationally.


As part of Basketball England affiliation for clubs, we deliver workshops centrally and with external partners that are available for clubs to take advantage of. These workshops are aimed to help clubs develop and improve practices across various different areas of basketball clubs. Workshops are run around:

  • Club Development and Planning
  • Social Media and Marketing
  • Volunteer Recruitment

If you are interested in attending a free workshop, please email [email protected]. Workshops are set up on a case-by-case basis and demand from clubs and organisations. Only Basketball England affiliated clubs can attend the workshop.


We have created a number of resources and documents for clubs to use with the aim of helping clubs develop as well as day-to-day business. They have been developed in a way that allows clubs to amend them as they wish to suit their own needs.

If you think that there is something missing, or you have an idea for something useful to have as a template for yourself and other clubs, please email [email protected].

Further resources will be available in the coming weeks.

For more information around workshops, resources or general support around developing your club, please email [email protected]


Further Support: Sport England’s Club Matters 

Whilst we have used Club Matters to help deliver workshops, they have a vast range of further information support out for sports clubs. They have a variety of toolvkits, resources and top tips which may also help you and your club.


They have open, free workshops if you wish to attend - use the link below to sign up:

Accessing these services is:

  • Convenient
  • Free of charge
  • Can help you attract and retain members
  • Will help you understand your club and members
  • Will help you to build a sustainable club
  • Will help you to improve and develop your skills

This comes through:

  • Online support
  • Workshops
  • Mentoring
  • Club Improvement Plan
  • Club Views
  • Club Mark

The Club Matters Club Improvement Tool is designed to get you thinking about your club, where it performs well, and where there are opportunities to improve.

Find out more on the Club Matters website or contact us via email at [email protected]