Become a Volunteer.

You don’t have to be a basketball expert to volunteer in basketball.
Whatever your motivation and commitment level you will be valued.
Without this involvement, basketball wouldn’t be able to survive!

If you are thinking of volunteering, ask for a role that fits with your time, needs and aspirations – perhaps you can team up with someone else to carry out a specific task? Perhaps you will need some training or mentoring or a formal accreditation or some friendly guidance – do ask.

If you are an existing volunteer and feel like you are doing too much or would like a change and would like to do something different, be sure to ask for help – perhaps you can mentor someone new who can carry out some of your duties/tasks? It is likely to be better that you continue to help and you do something that fits with your needs and desires than you leave the club altogether because it is too much or you no longer enjoy it.

All teams need coaches, referees and officials, to find out more about becoming a coach or an official head to our coaching and officiating sections.

There are lots of benefits to volunteering.