Structure & Vision.

2024 Vision

To be an inspirational sport that is accessible to everyone.


To govern and grow our sport in the most efficient, effective way, thereby providing a great experience for everyone involved in basketball.

Our Strategic Objectives

Retain & Grow Participation
Increase participation and grow the community game through
a ‘retain and grow’ strategy

Enhance Our Infrastructure
To develop, support and sustain a high-quality infrastructure
network that inspires the next generation and meets the
needs and demands of the game for the future

World-Class Talent System
Develop a world-class talent system for players, volunteers and
professionals to develop in an inclusive and progressive way
and fulfil the sports potential

Be a High-Performing National Governing Body
Govern, shape and service basketball in an efficient and
effective way, so it is safe, fun, engaging, inspiring and
attractive to investment as a recognised high-performing and
fully sustainable sport

Our Values

Values are the shared beliefs we have as an organisation which will help us achieve our vision.

Ethics and Transparency
We must be a trustworthy, reliable and credible organisation which provides ethical and fair environments for people to become involved in the sport. We must provide open, honest and clear communication to everyone we want to talk to. Providing a rationale on why the organisation is operating as it is means everyone can understand the direction of where we’re going and how we are trying to get there.

We are proactive in seeking out creative ideas and ways of working to make our organisation more effective. We recognise that as a governing body it is sometimes a challenge to work innovatively, due to organisational infrastructure, but we should always be on the look-out for new ways of working and be open minded about suggested changes.

We have a responsibility to the sport; to basketball and everyone involved in it to provide the best, most valuable service we can. We are the guardian of the game.

We want to give everyone the best basketball experience we can. We can’t do that without caring; whether it is passion for basketball as a sport, a brand or the individual role you play in helping to make basketball better.

Game Plans



Who are we?

We are the National Governing Body (NGB) for basketball in England and responsible for all aspects of the sport. We are a company limited by guarantee that comprises of member clubs and players.

We have recently moved our head office to the NSC, Etihad Campus, Manchester and we have a team of just over 25 employed people to carry out the day-to-day running of the organisation, including the development and growth of the sport.

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