BE Advisory groups

The Basketball England Advisory Groups were formed in 2018 across coaching, officiating and competitions.

With a remit to drive forward Basketball England's priorities and strengthen the relationship between the National Governing Body and those within the sport, including members, clubs, stakeholders, regions and more, the three advisory groups meet periodically throughout the year.

Members of each group are recruited due to the expertise and experience in one or more of the following areas:

  • International or elite basketball
  • National competitions, such as the NBL, EABL/WEABL or similar
  • Female specific clubs, programmes or bodies
  • Grassroots organisations and clubs, including local leagues and regional basketball.
  • Coach and player development at all levels.

Groups will on occasion also meet together in a combined capacity if a matter arises that crosses over between the remits of more than one group.

Officiating Advisory Group

The group is lead by:

  • Simon Unsworth - Basketball England's Delivery Manager - Officiating
  • Shaun Williams - Basketball England's Officials and Volunteers Co-Ordinator
  • Tim Brown MBE - NBL 1 Coach Working Group Chair
  • Kate Unsworth - England's National Instructor
  • Neil Wilkinson - Great Britain's National FIBA Instructor

Advisory Group Members

  • Tim Brown MBE -Basketball England's Board member, National Referee & tutor
  • Alex Callender - International Table Official, International Statistician
  • Vanessa Ellis - Team England Senior Women's Assistant Coach
  • Jessica Fox - National Referee
  • Matt Guymon - Head of DiSE and Men's basketball (Itchen College), head coach Team Solent Kestrels
  • Ian Lester - National Referee, South Region Referee Coordinator
  • Alison Muir - FIBA Commissioner, Referee & Table Official coach, National Table Official
  • Mark Patton - FIBA Table Official & instructor, National Referee & Table Official coach
  • Alan Richardson - EuroLeague Referee coach instructor
  • Richard Stokes - EuroLeague's Senior Director of Officiating
  • Pawel Szafraniec - National Referee, Referee tutor
  • Janine Timms - International Technical Official & Commissioner (IWBF), International Table Official, National Table Official coach
  • Neil Wilkinson - FIBA Referee instructor, National referee, coach & instructor
  • Kate Unsworth - England's National Instructor, FIBA Referee instructor & National Referee

By including people involved in both officiating and coaching, who are involved and have experience at different levels of the game, the group is able to bring together a wide range of expertise with a remit of push officiating forward across the country.