Our Regional Management Committees are development groups set up in each of the 10 regions throughout the country to help us administer the sport.

They’re made up of people who know loads about basketball and can help our team at HQ run all the regional programmes and competitions we have going on throughout the country.

They are actively involved in the selection process for our Regional Development Programmes and the selection of coaches and managers.

Their responsibilities vary depending on each region, more information and contact details for each region can be found below.

East –  TBC – [email protected]

East Midlands – Martin Ford – [email protected]

London – Patricia Fairclough OBE – [email protected]

North East – Howard Leighton – [email protected]

North West – TBC – [email protected]

South – Jeff Skinner – [email protected]

South East –  Sten Mayunga - [email protected]

South West – TBC – [email protected]

West Midlands – James Davies – [email protected]

Yorkshire – Andy Harrison-Beaumont - [email protected]

Chair - Howard Leighton - [email protected] 

Unsure as to which region your club is located in? Use the Postcode sheet to find out - click here 

Basketball England Council 

As part of the activity of regions, there is a meeting called the Basketball England Council in which all Chairs meet to discuss issues across regions, updates about activity from Basketball England and input on decisions and topics central to Basketball England activity. Minutes of the meetings can be found below:

18th November Agenda 2020            18th November Minutes 2020

17th December Agenda 2020            17th December Minutes 2020

11th February Agenda 2021                 11th February Minutes 2021

7th April Agenda 2021                          7th April Minutes 2021         

12th August Agenda 2021                   12th August Minutes 2021


Development Grant 

From the 2020/21 season, there will be a new Development Grant in place of the old rebate system, whereby Area Associations and Clubs will be able to apply for funding to help basketball develop across their area and the region. The Development Grant is aimed at developing the sport in the below areas (not exhaustive):

More people playing the sport (participation)

More competitive opportunities

Increased coaching workforce

Increased officiating workforce in the forms of referees, table officials and statisticians

Increase in participation from specific groups of the community (girls/females, disabled)

In order to be able to apply for funding from the Development Grant, you will need to submit the Local to Regional Funding Application and send it to the Chair of your Region (see email addresses above). This is to be completed before the start of the season (during a normal season – see guidance document for 20/21). The fund can be applied throughout the season on an ad-hoc basis - please contact your Regional Chair before applying during the season.

For more information on the Development Grant, please read the guidance document here

For the Local to Regional Funding Application, click here