Welcome to the web page for basketball in our South East Region. 

If you live in the South East and want to find out more about basketball in your local area then this page will help you. 

About Us.

The Regional Management Committee (RMC) is a regional reputable arm of Basketball England delivering the same objectives and shared goals as the National Governing Body.

Its role is to reflect, support and complement the objectives of Basketball England (the four key roles – service members, govern the game, shape its future, advocate).

The RMC is responsible for the selection, preparation and management of the Regions’ representative team/s and staff for the participation in Basketball England’s inter-region competitions (RDT).

Teams are fielded in the Under 13 and 15 competitions for both boys and girls.

Each team will have a maximum of 12 players and the following staff; Head Coach, Assistant Coach, Team Manager.

The RMC also supports leagues and partners through the development of coaches, referees & table officials. 

Executive Committee


Committee Members are still wanted for the South East Region with positions available for the following roles:


Communications & Feedback

League & Competition Support

If you are interested in applying, contact Applications deadline is 31st April 2019.   

To find out more about the positions available follow the link below:

Latest News.

Regional Girls Teams

Regional Boys Teams