Report A Concern

We want to give everyone the opportunity to discover and enjoy basketball. It is important that young people or adults at risk can do this, regardless of their age, gender or disability.


If you have a concern about a child or adult at risk, or someone that is working with children or adults at risk, you can report it using the form below.


You must take action to immediately safeguard children and adults at risk.

You must contact your Club Welfare Officer and if they are not available, or if you are concerned about the immediate safety of someone, contact the Police or Children’s Social Care.

Expert advice can also be provided by the NSPCC Helpline on 0808 800 5000.

Have you?

  • Reassured the young person
  • Been honest and not made promises you cannot keep
  • Explained why you may have to tell other people in order to stop what’s happening
  • Avoided closed questions and asked as few a questions as possible
  • Encouraged the child to use their own words

These are all important to remember when documenting and reporting a concern.

Reporting non recent abuse:

Basketball England takes allegations of non recent abuse very seriously. If you choose to speak to us about your experience, we will listen, support you through the process and ensure that appropriate steps are taken in partnership with statutory services. If you have a concern about historical allegations you can report it here

Report a concern

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