Coaching Resources.

There are a lot of resources available online for coaches (and players as well) to improve their game and abilities.

Basic Fundamentals & Skills

FIBA Hoops Coach

FIBA Hoops Coach is an instructional website for young players and coaches at the start of their career. Five top international basketball players illustrate the fundamentals of basketball. Included are sections related to theory and game execution, physiology, nutrition as well as anti-doping.

FIBA Coaching Library

An excellent resource for young players with a guide on the basics of the game, nutrition, coaching and refereeing.

Teaching & Coaching Basketball

Teaching & Coaching Basketball is a resource designed for persons looking to develop their teaching and coaching expertise within basketball from Key Stages 1 to 4. This resource will enable coaches to plan, prepare and deliver coaching sessions that include games, skill based activities, technique development practices and components of fitness.

G.A.P.S Basketball

G.A.P.S. Basketball contains 250 games, activities, practices & skills covering: passing; dribbling; rebounding; shooting; ball handling; transition; individual skills; offensive movement; defence & FUNdamental games.

Basketball Lingo Glossary

With basketball being over 100 years old and the popularity growing internationally, the list of basketball terms to describe all parts of the game continue to grow. Sports Lingo have put together a comprehensive list of basketball terms to help educate fans of all levels.

Skills, Drills & Team Play

Hoop Tactics

An excellent site with info and help for all coaches. The site is the proud work of non-other than the legendary Bob Kloppenburg - remember SOS Pressure Defence.

Power Basketball

Offers books and videos for coaches. Read articles from professional and college coaches or get details on skills and drills for players.

Coaches Clipboard

Basketball coaching website for coaches and players, featuring an extensive free library of articles, plays, offensive and defensive strategies, player tips, animated play diagrams, and actual video clips of player skills and drills.

Coaching Toolbox

A vast array of articles, drills, guides and quotes for players, coaches and parents.

Coaching Better BBall

An informative site covering North American and European basketball with break down videos of game situations to highlight the smaller teaching points of basketball.


BasketballPhantom is a blog dedicated to the game of basketball and to the people who love basketball, play basketball or aspire to play basketball, regardless of age and level of play. This is a place where you can find valuable guides, advice and information, all to learn and improve your game.

Performance Pathway

FIBA Europe Coaching Website

The FIBA Europe Coaching Website, a resource for the entire European coaching community. You can upload your own drills and plays to the site for players and other coaches to use. There are also message boards, calendar and coaching related news items from across Europe.

Breakthrough Basketball

Make a winning team with over 70 youth basketball drills in a 136-page eBook, absolutely free. Get step-by-step illustrated, easy-to-follow instructions, motivation and coaching tips.

Train for Hoops

Train for Hoops offers the most effective basketball training information including hundreds of basketball drills and exercise instructions and video demonstrations - all in an easy-to-understand, easy-to-follow format

Anti-Doping, Nutrition, Sports Science & Physical Movement

UK Anti-Doping

Online anti-doping learning tool.

Brian Mac

Brian Mackenzie provides information on the many topics related to developing physical and mental condition to help athletes and coaches achieve their goals.

Anita Bean

One of the UK's most respected nutritionists, specialising in sports nutrition.


General Coaching, Planning & Equipment

Positive Coach

Positive Coaching Alliance has helped over 3 million players worldwide to have a more enriching experience on the court which helps improve their future life off the court and brings character education through sports to your community.

UK Coaching

The Sports Coach UK website provides a more generic overview of coaching in the UK and has links to other sports and information for coaches working with high performers.


This site provides a wide range of products, services and information for sports. Videos, coaching aids, fitness tools, and international books are available to buy straight from the site.

Performance Analysis

For a list of more coaching web services, apps and software see UK Coaching's technology to use in your coaching.

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