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North EAST Regional Management Committee


What is the purpose of a Regional Management Committee?

The Regional Management Committee (RMC) is made up of volunteers who truly have passion for the sport. They are elected/appointed to their roles and believe in developing the sport for all. They have a rich knowledge of sport with expertise in all aspects of the game; clubs, officiating, coaching, women and girls to name a few. The Regional Management Committee work with local leagues and Area Associations to ensure quality basketball delivery occurs in the region as well as to help develop the sport across the region.

The Regional Management Committee contribute feedback from a regional level into the national discussion and direction that Basketball England take in its' strategy.

Regional Management Committee:

  • Chair - Howard Leighton
  • Secretary - Keith Harrison
  • Treasurer - John-Paul Heron
  • Regional Registrar - Keith Harrison
  • Welfare and Safeguarding Officer - Howard Leighton 
  • Regional Talent Manager - Neal Hopkins
  • Refereeing Officer - Alan Richardson
  • Communication and Feedback Officer - Phil Darling
  • Table & Officiating Officer - Mark Patton
  • League & Competition Officer - Graham Heath & Local League Chairs x 2 
  • Club & Volunteer Officer - Susan Hunter 



Within each region, there are a number of Area Associations and Local Leagues. These volunteer organisations are vital to the development of basketball at a local level, with the support of the RMC, as well as helping to deliver competitive basketball opportunities for senior and junior players at a local level. You can find out more information by clicking on them.


Here you can see the most recent agenda and minutes from North East committee meetings.

Date - 19/01/2021

Date - 20/04/2021


  • Agenda
  • Minutes 

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