Basketball Development Model.

Basketball Development Model

What is the Basketball Development Model (BDM)?

Designed by leading basketball and sporting experts, the BDM is a player and talent pathway that will raise standards of delivery and support at all levels in the game and ultimately enhance the country’s chances of competing – and winning – on the global stage.


What are the aims of the BDM?

  1. Increase access and participation in the sport nationwide.

  2. Help young people – and all that contribute to basketball – to fulfil their potential by defining a clear pathway for progression and the support they need to develop and stay involved.

  3. Define a new benchmark for the sport for everyone to aspire to and support the game more effectively by building the capability of those working and volunteering in the sport to sustain growth and success.

How is it structured?

The BDM’s 11 expert groups and project board are made up of leading basketball and sporting experts from England and further afield. They cover all of the key aspects associated with the game.

T E C H N I C A L  &  T A CT I C A L  G R O U P

Vladan Dragosavac
Basketball England Performance Director

Nenad Trunic
Coaching Lecturer, FIBA Europe. Professor, Faculty of Physical Education and Sports, Singidunum University Belgrade

Andreas Kapoulas
GB Basketball U20m Head Coach, Bristol Flyers BBL Head Coach

Lloyd Gardner
Director of Basketball Operations, Barking Abbey Academy

Steve Bucknall
PCC London Region, Non-Executive Director, Basketball England

Vanessa Ellis
GB Senior Women Assistant Coach, England U18 Women Head Coach

Mark Clark

BBF Performance Director


S T R E N G T H  &  C O N D I T I O N I N G  G R O U P

Mark Williams
Head of Strength & Conditioning, Southend United FC. Head of Strength & Conditioning, GB Basketball Senior Squads

Duncan Ogilvie
Lead Strength & Conditioning Coach, Basketball England & University of East London

Samuel Heathcote
England U16w & Loughborough University Strength & Conditioning Coach

Ben Rosenblatt
Lead SC Coach, GB Women’s Hockey Team

Michael Davie
Senior S&C Coach, Milwaukee Bucks

P H Y S I O ,  M E D I C A L  &  S P O R T S  T H E R A P Y  G R O U P

Paul Fisher
Head Of Sports Science & Medicine, GB Basketball

Mark Dayson
England U16m, GB U20m & Canterbury Institute Of Sport Physiotherapist

Kim Gregory
Chief Medical Officer, GB Basketball. Sports Physician, Bolton Wanderers FC

Ellen Scott
Chartered Sports Injury Clinical Rehabilitation Practitioner (England U18m & Chobham Rugby)

Aaron Harris
Head of Academy Sports Medicine & Sports Science, Tottenham Hotspur FC

Dane Vishnubula
GP & Sport and Exercise Medicine Doctor, Leeds Beckett University Lecturer

Andy Howse
GB Senior Women’s Team physio

Terassa Taylor-Kaveney
ISEH – Sports medicine clinical specialist physiotherapist, National Ice Skating Association

R E S E A R C H   G R O U P

Peter Thain
England Under 15 men, Birmingham City University

Craig Barden
Clinical Lead- Physio Dept, SGS College

Seth O’Neal
Leicester College

Dave Parry
Director of Sport, University of Essex

Dr Bhavesh Kumar
Consultant in Sport & Exercise Medicine and Principal Clinical Teaching Fellow at Institute of Sport Exercise & Health, University College London

Jason Morana
Essex University

L I F E S T Y L E  G R O U P

Mark Lloyd
Basketball Performance Coach, University of Essex, England CG Men's Team Manager

Elisha Brettt
National Team Player’s Parent

Sadie Mason MBE
England U18w Team Manager, Chief Executive, Active Sussex

Chris McManus
Nutritionist Essex University

Joe Hart
GB Senior Player

Rachel Newnham
Personal Development & Welfare Coach, England & Wales Cricket Board & Lawn Tennis Association

C O A C H I N G  G R O U P

Brian Aldred
Delivery Manager, Basketball England

Sergio Lara-Bercial
Senior Research Fellow of the Global Coaching Office of the International Council for Coach Education, Leeds Beckett Uni

Jane Powell
National Talent Development Manager, England Lacrosse

Lee Davie
PCC North East, Head Coach, Durham University Basketball

Carl Plunkett
Reading FC Academy Coach Developer

Chris Chapman
Sports Coach UK Talent & Performance Development Lead Officer

Jose Maria Buceta
GB Senior HC

Alan Keane
England Under 18 Men's Head Coach

P L A Y I N G  E N V I R O N M E N T  G R O U P

Peter Griffiths
Senior Delivery Manager, Basketball England

Craig Jack
Commercial Director, Dynamik Sports

Bob Martin
Head Coach, Danum Eagles Basketball Club

Graeme Beaumont
Facilities Technical Lead, Sport England

Dusan Domovic Bulut
Top ranked FIBA 3x3 Player

Ariel Parrucci
Basketball Coach, Sheffield Sharks

O F F I C I A T I N G  G R O U P

Simon Unsworth
Delivery Manager, Basketball England

Neil Wilkinson
National Instructor for Basketball England, FIBA, Executive Head Teacher, The Bemrose School

Davorin Nakic
Lead Referee Instructor (Europe), FIBA

Kate Webb
Referee, Basketball England & FIBA

Alan Richardson
Education & Training Referee Department, FIBA

Tappe Henning
Scottish Rugby Referee Commissioner

Steve Swanson
Director, MSc Sport Business & Leadership, Institute for Sport Business, Loughborough University London

S T A K E H O L D E R  G R O U P

Melissa Hague
Head of Governance, Risk & Compliance, Basketball England

Martin Ford
PCC East Midlands & FIBA Commissioner, PE Teacher

Russell Levenston
General Manager, Leicester Riders BBL

Stefanie Collins
GB Senior Women Player

Mike Round
Director of development and membership, Ladies European Tour (LET)

Lorraine Dagger
England U16 Women Team Manager, Kent Crusaders Welfare Officer & Vice Chair

S P O R T  P S Y C H O L O G Y  G R O U P

Paul Connolly
Coaching Mentor

Jon Wyse
AASE Lead, President, British American Football Coaches Association

Sapna Trehan
Academy Psychologist, Essex County Cricket Club. Sport Psychologist, British Real Tennis Academy

Guy Coles
England U16 Men Assistant Coach. SGS College AASE Head Coach

Bryan Jones
Division Leader of Sports Coaching and Development, School of Sport & Wellbeing, UCLAN

Ross Shand
Sport & Exercise Psychologist, Leeds Beckett University

C O M P E T I T I O N  G R O U P

Charlie Ford
Education & Satellite Clubs Manager, Basketball England

Gail Richards
Secondary Schools Participation Officer, Basketball England

Matthew Johnson
PCC South Region, Basketball England. Director of Coaching, Reading Rockets

Joe Pinchin
Leicester Riders

Andy Perlejewski
Association of Colleges Sport

P R O J E C T  B O A R D

Radmilla Turner
Head of National Federations & Sport, FIBA

Vladan Dragosavac
Technical & Performance Manager, Basketball England

Mark Clark
Non-Executive Director, Basketball England

Paul Blake
Owner, Newcastle Eagles BBL

Russ Lidstone
Non-Executive Director, Basketball England

Steve Bucknall
PCC London Region. Non-Executive Director, Basketball England

Stewart Kellett
Chief Executive, Basketball England

What is the role of the BDM members? 

Their task is to identify optimum methods of formulating a world-class programme that: raises standards of coaching, officiating and player support; retains more people in the game and increases the availability of paid and voluntary people in the sport, so Basketball England can grow basketball and be more competitive at home, in Europe and globally over time.


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