Facts and Figures.

Basketball in England - 2022

The Sport England Active Lives Survey showed that:
  • 232,400 people 16+ play basketball at least twice a month
  • 50,632 people of Low Socio-Economic Group (16+) play at least twice a month,
    • 27.1% of the total  
  • 46,600 females (16+) play at least twice a month
    • 24.9% of the total
  • 1,180,000 U16s play basketball once a week (11.7% of the population)
    • 800,000 boys, 400,000 girls
Basketball England members:
  • Basketball England has over 34,000 licenced members playing in 675 affiliated clubs across local and national leagues 
  • Over 14,000 of Basketball England members are under the age of 16, and almost 500 members are over the age of 60 
  • Over 6,500 of our members are female 
  • Over 4,650 of our members are from areas of Low-Socio Economic affluence 
In addition to our playing members:
  • We have almost 1,100 licenced coaches 
  • We have over 950 licenced officials 

Sources: Active Lives Survey November 20-21 adult data import - Sport England, 2022; Active Lives Survey Academic Year 21-22 children and young people data import - Sport England, 2022; Active Lives Survey, May 20-21 adult data import - Sport England, 2022; Membership data report 10/05/22 – Basketball England, 2022. For further information on our data, please contact [email protected].


Further segmenting the game

  • Basketball England has 8,824 licenced National League players, including 5,389 under 16s, 1,695 females, and 1,507 of a Low-Socio Economic group 
  • We also have 14,291 licenced Local League/BUCS players, including 4,316 under 16s, 2,471 females, and 1,774 of a Low-Socio Economic Group 
  • Basketball England has 1,124 licenced coaches, and of them, 759 qualified for the National League  
  • 1,479 of our coaches are qualified at level 2 or above 
  • We have 155 female coaches 
  • Almost 14% of our coaches are female, an increase of 9% from 2018, alongside 20% of our players. We’re actively recruiting more female coaches to attract more women and girls into the game. 
  • Basketball England has 959 officials holding at least one licence, including 627 licenced referees, 600 licenced table officials, and 23 statisticians 
  • Amongst our 959 officials are 302 female officials, making up 31% of our officials. 
  • 144 of our referees and 325 of our table officials are licenced for the National League 
  • We run both male and female competitions across all levels and regions of our competitive structure, with the option of co-ed participation for junior female players if desired 
  • Basketball England’s NBL competition has three Men’s divisions comprising of 10 conferences (one in D1, two in D2 and seven in D3), alongside two WNBL divisions containing four conferences (one in D1 and three in D2) 
  • Basketball England’s Jnr. NBL consists of seven Boys’ divisions spread across 49 conferences, differentiated by age group, competition level, and region. Alongside this, we also host six Girls’ divisions distributed between 19 conferences, similarly differentiated. We also run an Under-12 mixed gender division spread across six regional conferences 
  • As well as our NBL, WNBL and Jnr. NBL competitions, we also run thriving Elite Academy Basketball Leagues (EABL & WEABL) for elite 16-19 year olds, plus National Schools Competitions for secondary and further education age groups.