Moving through the Pathway

So your child is playing basketball regularly and is keen to progress and get into one of our programmes to improve further and move up the pathway.

The pathway can be downloaded here and explains the journey a player can go on to progress from playing in school, right up to representing their country and beyond.
The details of the pathway are explained step by step in our improve as a player section.

Included in there is a breakdown of how to get selected for each of the programmes and how this can progress to further involvement further up the pathway.
The teenage years can be a difficult period for young people and parents, so hopefully we can guide you both through the opportunities within basketball and equip you with the knowledge and guidance you need to make the process as smooth as possible.

When moving through the pathway, there will always be an element of competition and sometimes selection processes can be hard on young players if things don’t go the way they had hoped. The great thing to emphasise is that there is plenty of opportunities in this pathway to try out again in the programme they want to progress in, as well as re-joining the pathway at a different level and working their way up.

If you or your child need advice or guidance on what level they should be playing at and which programme will be of benefit, you can contact their coaches who will be able to most accurately assess where they’re at. The great thing about our programmes is that a lot of the selection comes from influence of club and school coaches, who will know your child’s ability better than anyone.

If you still have questions once you have read through this section and improve as a player, then contact our performance team and they can advise you on any information you need.