Regional Development Programmes

Regional Development Programmes are a great way for young people to get into the player pathway, get some quality coaching and hopefully progress into a national programme.
There are two Regional Development Programmes which are run alongside each other as part of the performance pathway.  Our improve as a player player has a full breakdown of who they are aimed at and how to progress through.

Below are a brief breakdown of the programmes; what the differences are and the basics of how to get your child onto one.

Regional Development Programmes
These are for U13, U15 and U17 girls and boys and runs from May-September and receive 10-40 hours of coaching throughout that time. It focuses on individual and team development in preparation for the Regional Development Tournaments, where each region plays against each other for each age range and gender. Some of the selection for our national programmes in the pathway is carried out at these tournaments, so this is a great way to give your child the chance to progress from a regional to national programme. Getting selected into the Regional Development Programme can differ from region to region, but the likelihood is there will be county trials or tournaments which will form the process. To find out what the selection process is for your region, you should contact your club or school who will have more information. For a full breakdown on the Regional Development Programme, visit the page here.

Regional Performance Centres
This regional programme is for U13, U14 and U15 girls and boys and runs throughout October to May which is opposite to the RDP.  It focuses on individual player development and does not look at competition or team environment, which the RDP does cover off in the Regional Development Tournaments. It is purely about your child as a player and making sure their skills are the best they can be so they’re as prepared as they can be to go out into a team environment. It is about working on the individual skills checklist with coaches in the national team structure to make sure we can give your child the best possible chance to be the best player they can. To get on the programme, your child’s school, club or local Performance Coach Coordinator needs to have nominated them as a player with great potential. They will then be asked to compete in a regional event who will assess if they’re a developed enough player to be entered into a regional programme.

If you’ve read through our improve as a player section and still not sure how to go about getting your child into a regional programme, you can speak with their school or club coach for further details. You can also contact us to discuss any considerations and advice you need.