Taking the next steps

If your child is super enthusiastic about basketball and is showing more and more interest and ability, then this section will help give you an idea of what to do to help support them progress and improve onto the next level.

Good question. That depends on the level they’re playing at, and what their end goal is. The best way to gauge it is to speak with the coaches of the clubs and programmes they’re involved in as they will know the child’s specific ability and goals. As they move through the performance pathway, it’s likely your child will be involved in a number of club, regional and national programmes. It’s likely this will increase the time and financial commitment needed. For information on each of our programmes within the pathway, visit our improve as a player section which provides a breakdown of each one, who they’re aimed at and the selection process in getting your child involved.

It’s important that every child has a balanced diet when growing and there is loads of information on what they should and shouldn’t be eating out there which we’re sure you find as confusing as us! The main thing is to make sure they’re getting a variety of foods including all food groups and take into account if they’re playing a lot of basketball they’ll probably need more food than before! Once your child is entered onto a regional or national programme, there are dedicated nutritionists available to help guide what should be in each players’ diet and which foods are more beneficial and at what times they should be eaten.

Depending on how much basketball training and competing your child is doing will depend if they need to do any extra training such as strength and conditioning. The best way to gauge this is to speak with their club and programme coaches and gain advice from them about whether your child needs to be picking up any extra exercise outside of court time. It’s all about balance. If your child is showing real promise and interest in basketball that’s great, but we know how important academic studies are so it shouldn’t be at the expense of their grades...even if they want to pursue basketball as a career there are academic requirements which must be fulfilled, no matter how good a player they are!!

There are a number of regional and national programmes which are included in our performance pathway. They are explained in details in the improve as a player section of the site and each programme is broken down into who it is aimed at, what the selection process is, and how to progress to the next stage. If you still have questions after reading this through you can contact our performance team.

Absolutely. There are a few ways young players can pursue basketball as a career, and they are explained in our basketball as a career section. In there is a breakdown of opportunities in Britain, the US college system and playing in Europe. Letting your child pursue a career in basketball, especially abroad can be quite daunting, so we want to make sure we support you through the process as much as possible. There are extra guidelines and things to consider included in the playing basketball overseas section but if you still have questions contact us and we can help you work out the best option for your child.