A Guide to Safeguarding for Basketball England Officials

Sport can and does have a very powerful and positive influence on people – especially young people. Not only can it provide opportunities for enjoyment and achievement; it can also develop valuable qualities such as self-esteem, leadership and teamwork. These positive effects can only take place if sport is in the right hands - in the hands of those who place the welfare of all young people and vulnerable adults first and adopt practices that support, protect and empower them.

Basketball England is committed to working in partnership with all agencies to ensure that information and training opportunities are available to ensure best practice when working with children and vulnerable adults. Following best practice will help to safeguard these participants from potential abuse as well as reducing the likelihood of allegations being made about coaches and other adults in positions of trust in basketball.

Changes to the Safeguarding Requirements for Officials - 2016/17

Basketball England has reviewed the current safeguarding requirements and following feedback from membership, we have made a few changes to respond to your suggestions. We hope the new requirements will continue to serve our members in order to meet child protection in sport standards while maintaining a system that is workable for individuals, clubs and associations. Following advice and guidance from CPSU (Child Protection Sport Unit)

The changes are as follows;

  • All Referees will be required to log into their online account and complete an electronic Self Declaration form. When an individual has signed in to their own account, they would need to navigate to their profile details. There is a new tab there called Self Declaration and Disclosure. From there they can submit the disclosure.
  • All Referees will be required to maintain an annual safeguarding update which can be done online by clicking HERE.

Table Officials
  • National League Table Officials and Local League Table Officials will not be required to obtain a safeguarding course. Basketball England will produce a Safeguarding and Protecting Children presentation for Table Officials and will supply this within the next 3 – 6 months. In the meanwhile, Table Officials should ensure they read and understand the BESafe Guide which can be found at the bottom of this page.

If you have any questions about the changes please contact Melissa Hague by clicking HERE.

For more information and to download the BEsafe document, please click here.