Academy & Colleges.

We also partner with the Association of Colleges Sport (AOC) who looks after sport in colleges all over the country and run leagues and events which are supported by us.

The Elite Academy Basketball League (EABL) and the Women’s Elite Academy Basketball League (WEABL) are leagues we run in partnership with the AOC who run the highest level of competition for schools and colleges, so if you’re committed to basketball and want to play competitively at a high level, it might be worth looking at a college who is involved in this. The league involves all the institutions which run our AASE programme and the other teams are made up of schools and colleges which have previously achieved basketball success.

The Academy Basketball League (ABL) also runs alongside the EABL and WEABL and offers a high level of competition for non-AASE institutions who prioritise basketball but who are not currently AASE accredited.