Equipment Hire 

Portable Equipment Installation

Sportsystem 3x3 Backstop

Hydroplay Club portable unit customized 3ON3, entirely made in galvanized steel with rear anti-vandalism shell; shot clock integrated in the main front pad, including control panel and polycarbonate cover; set of rain covers and platform supporting extra ballast included

Bodet 3x3 Scoreboard

The outdoor BTX6015 3x3 scoreboard is specially designed for 3x3 Basketball games. The pack contains: the BTX6015 display panel, the BTX6002 shotclock, the main keyboard, the shotclock keyboard and the tripod.

Naxos 3x3 Outdoor Half Court

We have 4 half courts in red/grey specifically designed for outdoor 3x3 basketball games.  

DYNAMIK Portable Sports Floor

FIBA LEVEL 1 approved removable wooden sport flooring modular slabs, specifically designed for high-level competitions. The flooring is able to satisfy the most demanding of sports, optimizing sporting, technical and comfort needs. Used by Great Britain and Basketball England for national and international events.

A4 Area Elastic  FIBA Level 1 Approved Basketball Floor suitable for international competition

Floor Size – 630sqm (32.280m x 19.440m)

Gross Weight 12.76 tonnes, Individual boxes 1.64 tonnes.

Ramps for wheelchair access

No line markings – can be lined with any indoor sport lines

Suitable for basketball, netball, volleyball, table tennis, badminton, wheelchair basketball

Mondo Athens Backstop

The Mondo Athens Backstop was the official Basketball Unit For the London 2012 Olympic Finals. Is it designed for the highest level of competition, but can also be easily and quickly folded into reduced dimensions for storage and transport. This does not result in a reduction of its structural properties, such as resistance, rigidity and stability with respect to the stress it is going to be submitted to when used to play Basketball.

• Mondo Athens Backstop

• FIBA Level 1 certified – suitable for international games

• Glass Backboard: 180x105cm

• Height: 10ft (305cm)

• Extension (from base of unit): 3.38m

• Weight: 1200kgs