Line Marking Guidance

Having accurate and up to date basketball line markings is a vital component of your sports floor and a requirement for all Basketball England Senior NBL and Jr. NBL leagues.

The official FIBA line markings for 5v5 basketball are available here;

Basketball Line Marking Requirements

  • The official court size is 28m x 15m (measured to the inside of the boundary line)
  • All lines should be 5cm wide
  • Lines should be in a contrasting colour to the playing surface and visible to all


  • In multi-sport venues, when possible we recommend that the basketball court lines are number 1 in the hierarchy of lines i.e. basketball lines sit on top of all other line markings for other sports.
  • If your court is to be used for FIBA international games, please note FIBA require a 2m boundary on all sides of the court in a contrasting colour to the rest of the playing surface. Please see the FIBA rules for details.
  • Branding and logos can be added to courts to give it the ‘home’ court look and feel. Any logos or branding should not cover line markings, pin stripe lines or lines of hash marks should be used to indicate lines on logos (see examples below of Coombe Wood School/Brooklyn Nets/The Regal).
  • Temporary branding or logos applied to courts should provide the same slip resistance as the ordinary playing surface (see below example of Junior Final Four floor branding).
  • Temporary line markings can be used for events. We suggest the use of specific low tack line marking tape to mark out a basketball court, specialist equipment is required to get the circles and arks. We recommend using DYNAMIK Sports Floors for all line marking work. Please note that use of line marking tape comes with some risk of damage to the playing surface on removal. Other types of tape should not be used on sports floors as they may damage, leave a sticky residue or mark on the floor. Taping of lines is only suggested as a temporary solution.


Further Information

For more details on the official line markings for basketball please consult the official FIBA rules;

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