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Slam Jam is a brand new basketball programme for children aged 7-11 years old.

Run by clubs and in schools, Slam Jam gives children a great first experience of basketball in a fun and safe environment. 



What is Slam Jam?

Slam Jam is Basketball England's exciting new  programme for children aged 7-11 years old. Slam Jam aims to develop fundamental motor skills whilst developing a passion for Basketball – which according to Sport England’s new Active People analysis is the second best sport for getting young people active.
Slam Jam gives kids a great first experience of basketball in a fun and safe environment. Designed by a collaboration between experts and young people, the package includes resource packs (with 12-weeks of activities), activator training, marketing materials and plenty of other Slam Jam branded goodies. The programme has been designed in alignment with the national curriculum whilst offering the opportunity to support teachers to develop their confidence in delivering PE and basketball – whilst keeping young people active when at home.
Get on board so together we can provide a great first experience for young people and unearth the basketball stars of the future.

Why should I sign my club up?

We know that many clubs already have their own, well established participation programmes. Becoming a Slam Jam delivery partner brings with it a host of benefits for your club, whilst still allowing you to enjoy the successes of your existing programmes. Basketball England are on hand to support and promote the sessions that you deliver to ensure as many people are playing the game as possible. A serious of benefits are listed below:

  • Diversify existing club offering for Under 11's
  • Income generation offering for the club.
  • Marketing Support provided by Basketball England.
  • Featured on Basketball England session finder.
  • Upskilling staff and volunteers at your club through Activator training.
  • Discount on the Slam Jam equipment and participant packs.
  • Retention of Players and Coaches.
  • Increased community engagement and awareness of club.
  • Enhance and consolidate school/club links. 

How does it work?

Slam jam sessions are to be conducted by Activators utilising a bespoke coaching resource consisting of 12 weeks worth of activity cards. Clubs should detail the qualifications their delivery staff possess when signing up before they are accredited as a delivery partner with the Slam Jam Activator course being made available to those wanting to deliver the programme with no previous experience of coaching basketball.

The programme allows significant flexibility so it can be shortened into a 6 week programme as well as an intensive week long camp depending on what your circumstances are.

Although Slam Jam is not about developing the next big star, all of the activity cards support the development of basketball skills. Each card has a session focus, however some children may struggle to master the skills set out in the activity cards so it is important to be flexible and prioritise fun and enjoyment over technical competence. Adopting the Slam Jam principles, each session will follow the format of - Movement Development (A cards), Game Introduction (B cards) and Game Development (C Cards). An example session card can be found here!

Cards are colour coded to give activators flexibility with activities; mixing cards up is fine as long as the same colour cards are used together. Sessions will last between 45 and 60 minutes and should aim to keep children engaged for most of the time. Cards can be delivered in  numerical order or in an order that suits the children's motivations.

The movement development section of the cards will support children to enhance their physical literacy skills and should always be delivered first to prepare the children for game-based activities.

The game element of the cards will provide players the opportunities to solve problem, work with others and experience the exciting parts of basketball. Games are not viewed as a reward for good behaviour, they are used as an essential learning tool that also supports Children's motivation.

Equipment & Resources

We have a whole host of equipment and resources to accompany the delivery of your Slam Jam sessions making them as fun and engaging as possible. The details below show what you need when delivering your sessions with all available to purchase on our Basketball England shop along with a whole host of other goodies to add value to your sessions. 

Slam Jam Package

When signing up to the programme, all club's and organisations receive the following;

  • 5 Spaces for staff on Slam Jam Activator training courses
  • 20 Slam Jam Basketballs
  • Slam Jam Activator Polo Shirts
  • Slam Jam Activator Zip Jacket
  • The official Slam Jam coaching resource
  • Various marketing materials - Empty Belly Posters, Club Finder Function (if required), promotional documents and BE comms to promote your sessions

Slam Jam Participant Pack

Participant's require a Participant Pack when taking part in the programme. Delivery partners can use participant packs in whatever way they think is best to ensure there sessions are as fun and engaging as possible. Participant packs include the following and are available in a number of different colours and sizes;

  • Slam Jam drawstring bag
  • Slam Jam T Shirt
  • Official Wilson Slam Jam basketball to keep
  • Award card to track their Slam Jam journey
  • Slam Jam sweatband
  • Basketball England 'Slam Jam' membership

Slam Jam Activator Training

Never coached basketball before or wanting to get more young people to playing basketball? Once you have attended a Slam Jam Activator Course you will be ready to start delivering your own Slam Jam sessions. Use the button below to locate and book onto a course near you.


What is it Slam Jam? +

Slam Jam is Basketball England’s official primary age programme designed to provide a great first experience to the sport in a fun, safe and engaging atmosphere! Slam Jam not only focuses basketball related activity, but it also aims to improve the physical literacy and fundamentals of movement for all participants.

How is Slam Jam different from other basketball programmes for this age group? +

It has been designed and created in partnership with both basketball and educational experts, as well as input from stakeholders and partners from outside the sport. So, whilst it is linked to the national curriculum it is still suitable for community and club delivery. In addition, there is a suite of additional resource and tools to help keep participants engaged and add extra value. Examples are an awards and recognition scheme, bespoke Slam Jam basketballs and branded goodies. The look and feel of Slam Jam has also been influenced by the participants themselves so it is engaging and relevant to them.

What is the aim of Slam Jam? +

Basketball is one of the most diverse and inclusive sports available and Slam Jam sessions ensure all participants feel welcome and enjoy their experience. The aim of Slam Jam is to introduce basketball to as many 7-11 year olds as possible in a fun, safe and engaging atmosphere. 

With a focus on improving physical literacy and the fundamentals of movement, using basketball related activities as a tool, it is hoped participants will finish the programme wanting to continue their basketball experience and make it a sport for life! 

Who can deliver it? +

Once they have been approved as an Activator on behalf of an accredited Slam Jam Delivery Partner by Basketball England then ANYONE- clubs, schools, community groups or other coaching organisations. 

If you need support with establishing your sessions then please contact one of the Basketball England team via 

Where can it be delivered? +

Slam Jam can be delivered ANYWHERE! - as long as it is a safe space. Very little equipment (basketballs, bibs, cones) is needed for most of the activities, although some just require a ball.

You don't even need hoops for some of the activities so don't worry about needing all the usual equipment.

If you are interested in acquiring additional basketball equipment then please visit our Basketball England shop for all the latest offers on all things basketball 

Do I need to be a qualified coach? +

No- to be a qualified deliverer of Slam Jam you just need to attend one of the Slam Jam activator courses.

Individuals who hold a Basketball England Coaching qualification may want to undertake the Slam Jam Activator's course to understand the specific detail of the Slam Jam resource. Please contact Basketball England and enquire if you are ensure whether you should complete the Slam Jam Activator course.

However, you will need additional qualifications (DBS, Safeguarding, First Aid) depending on where/who you will be delivering on behalf of.  

What are the timeframes for delivering the programme? +

The Slam Jam resource encompasses 12 weeks worth of sessions, with each session taking around 45/60 mins. Activator's may utilise the coaching resource and activities how they please to best suit the environment they are working in. This could mean you condense activities into a 6 week period or an intensive week long camp during Half Term or the Summer Holidays

What are the benefits of delivering Slam Jam? +


  • Enhance junior provision and increase members 
  • Enhance schools/club links 
  • Increase community engagement and awareness of club 
  • Workforce development 
  • Retention of players and coaches 
  • Income generation 


  • Linked to national curriculum 
  • Help meet physical activity guidelines and requirements 
  • Enhance physical activity and sport offer 
  • Workforce development 
  • Enhance school/community/club links 

 Community/Other providers 

  • Enhance provision 
  • Income generation 
  • Opportunity to engage with new demographics and stakeholders 
  • Workforce development 


Contact Information:

If you have any questions please contact  

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