We support statisticians at all levels of the statisticians' pathway – whether just starting out or wanting to progress to be a statistician at national and international level.

As the level of basketball increases, the requirement for statistics does also. At the lower levels teams may choose to receive simple statistics that are recorded on the scoresheet such as points scored and fouls committed but as the level increases the coaching team need more information such as rebounds, steals, turnovers, assists and many many more statistics! Statisticians are responsible for recording these and in our competitions this is managed using the FIBA Live Stats software. The role of the statistician is critical in terms of the accuracy required as many players rely on these to showcase their talents to any team they wish to sign for. Statisticians work together with the referees and the table officials to ensure the fairness and accuracy of the game.

It is a great way to make new friends, challenge yourself and be involved in the sport you love!