The Level 4 Table Official award is now open for applications until 7 January 2022.

Aimed at those who want to table officiate at the highest domestic level. The course is a season and a half long and allows you to gain experience of high-level senior National League games. It is broken down into a pre-assessment phase and an assessment phase. To be considered for the Level 4 Award, you must meet the pre requisites and requirements below.

Sarah Williams receives her Level 4 Table Official Award at the National Officiating Conference 2019 presented by Alan Richardson.


January 2022 to May 2023*

Pre-assessment phase: January 2022 to September 2022*
Assessment phase:  September 2022 to May 2023*

*Please note that the date may extend if the course continues to be affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.


The cost to enroll onto the course (pre-assessment phase) is £40, with a further £80 to be charged if you are accepted as a candidate in September 2022 (assessment phase).

Pre requisites & requirements

  • You must have been a Level 3 table official for at least two full seasons regularly officiating across all three roles (scorer, timer and shot clock operator)

  • Attended National Officiating Conference in the current season, and passed the rules test

  • Have the capacity to reflect on performance, analyse and provide electronic visual feedback

In your application you must:

  • Submit the names and contact details of two references who would support your application by providing a supporting statement or reference, and:

    • Have achieved the FIBA Table Official qualification and have officiated with you in the past 12 months in NBL competition, or

    • Are an approved Table Official Coach for the current season

  • Detail the experience you have gained, including attendance at training and development events such as the National Officiating Conference, and other continued professional development officiating event(s) inside or outside of the UK, which demonstrates you as being a strong candidate for the award

  • Demonstrate good spoken and written English

Level 4 Pre-Assessment Phase

Should you be accepted on to the Level 4 pre-assessment phase, you will be required to fulfil your games as normal.  Table Official Coaches will watch a number of your games and provide feedback, which will be part of the decision to accept you onto the assessment programme.

Events that will be utilised to see your performance during the Level 4 pre-assessment phase are:

  • EABL, ABL, WEABL & Schools Finals - Wednesday 23 March - Manchester

  • BUCS Finals – Wednesday 30 March - TBC

  • Senior Playoff Finals – Saturday 23 & Sunday 24 April - Manchester

  • Junior Final Four – Saturday 30 April & Sunday 1 May - Manchester

  • Summer Officiating Camp (TBC) – August 

Attendance at a nominated summer officiating camp is mandatory to complete the Level 4 pre-assessment phase if the events do take place. The cost of this clinic is not covered by the Level 4 course cost and would need to be covered by the candidate.

In order to progress to the Level 4 assessment phase, you are required to attend the National Officiating Conference 2022 and pass the rules test.

Level 4 Assessment Phase

Upon invitation to the Level 4 phase, you will be allocated an experienced, trained and highly qualified personal Table Official Coach. They will support you and your learning progress throughout the course.  This will include feedback on game performance, rules & interpretations, and other general support. You may be appointed to work alongside each other at individual games or in tournaments. You will also be observed by a Table Official Coach at games and in tournaments.

Events that will be utilised to see your performance during the Level 4 assessment phase are:

  • Haris Charalambous Memorial Basketball Tournament – December 2022 TBC

  • Senior Cup Finals – January 2023

  • BUCS Finals – March 2023

  • Senior Playoff Finals – April 2023

Alongside practical game assessments, during the assessment phase of the course, there will be a written exam that you are required to pass the course.

Upon invitation to the Level 4 assessment phase, you will receive a detailed timeline of all meetings including 1:1s with your Table Official Coach and meetings with the whole Level 4 programme.


At the end of the assessment period, the Delivery Manager will communicate with your Table Official Coach, and anyone else deemed necessary and make one of the following recommendations:

  1. Award you the Level 4 qualification and inform the GB Technical Commission of this

  2. Extend your assessment period

  3. Conclude that you have not met the competency requirements for the course and inform you that you are able to reapply when the course next opens

Should you wish to appeal this recommendation, you may do this within 10 business days of notification stating your reason(s).  Your appeal will be reviewed by the Delivery Manager with any of the program lead(s).