Organise a level 2 referee course

level 2 referee course



cost £42.50


Aimed at beginners who have experience as a player or have attended the Level 1 Referee course. This course gives in-depth education of the general rules of the game and provides the learner with the education required to referee local games on a weekly basis.

Level 2 referees can officiate local league and up to junior NBL.

Expected duration (Learning only): 16 hours (includes attending a  4 hour practical learning session)

Prerequisites: Basketball knowledge or Level 1 Referee

Recommended minimum age: 16 years

Learner Requirements

  • Sign-up to the course using the link and instructions sent by the organiser. Once signed up, within 48 hours, you will receive a second link to the learning platform to access the learning modules
  • Attend 12 hours of tutor-led classroom sessions (optional).
  • Complete the 8 modules within the Hive Learning Platform (estimated time 12 hours)
  • Successfully complete the online theory examination
  • complete online modules during the classroom session or in their own time.
  • Attend a tutor-led 4-hour practical learning session
  • Sign-up to the Basketball England Membership portal and pay for a referee license
  • It is strongly recommended that level 2 referee candidates officiate a number of practice games before attempting the assessment games and seek feedback from these games
  • Complete your assessment games by a licensed and qualified level 3 referee or referee coach
  • Learner to complete online modules during the classroom session or in their own time.
  • Learner to attend 4 hour on court practical learning session.
  • Learner to complete online test.
  • Learner to complete 3 regulation games under assessment.

The learner will need access to a laptop, computer or smart device to complete this course.

Theory Modules

The course consists of 8 online modules which the learner completes during the classroom session or in their own time.

The modules include:

  • Module 1 - Introduction
  • Module 2 - Teams, Officials, Court & Equipment
  • Module 3 - Playing Regulations
  • Module 4 - Mechanics & Areas of Responsibility
  • Module 5 - Violations
  • Module 6 - Fouls
  • Module 7 - General Principles
  • Module 8 - Examination

The theory modules are always available to the learner to refer to during their formative years as a referee.

Organiser Requirements

  • Complete Basketball England booking form
  • Book and pay for a classroom - 12 hours (optional)
  • Book and pay for a Basketball Court - 4 hours
  • Book and pay the tutor to deliver course for both the theory (optional) and practical learning session - (£25 per hour plus £0.45 per mile)
  • Pay the invoice received from Basketball England
  • Submit a list of learners who attended the classroom session and the practical learning session

The learner will need access to a laptop, computer or smart device to complete the online modules.

The tutor will need access to a classroomn that has big screen and audio equipment for the theory and a full court set up for the pratcical learning session.


There is an online theory examination with 50 True/False questions where the learner is required to achieve a 70% pass mark. You can access this in module 8 of in the online learning platform. There is no limit to the number of times the learner has to successfully complete the examination.

Practical Learning Session

The learner is required to take part in a 4-hour practical session organiser by the course organiser. This session will be led by a BE approved Referee Tutor. The learners will be on court working through the different game scenarios relating to mechanics and play calling, fouls and violations.

When attending the practical learning session the learner will need to bring with them:

  • A whistle
  • Sports wear and training shoes
  • Food and refreshments

Practice Games

Once the learner has attended the classroom education session and the practical learning session, they are required to buy a referee licence so they can referee some practice games.

Learners should referee games where they can receive feedback from level 3 co-officials or a Referee Coach in order to prepare themselves for their assessment games.

Assessment Games

Only when the learner has completed the online modules, the examination, attended the 4-hour practical session and refereed a number of practice games should they attempt their 3 assessment games.

Assessments are full regulations games (3 in total) that are supervised either by the referee you officiate with (co-official) or a qualified referee who watches from the sideline.

This referee should be licenced and at least be a level 3 referee qualifed or an approved BE Referee Coach.

Completing the Qualification

Certification: Upon completion of the online modules, successful completion of the exam, attending the 4-hour practical session, and a satisfactory performance in 3 full regulation games, the candidate will receive an e-certificate.


Completing The Qualification

Upon completion of the online modules, examination, attending the 4-hour practical learning session and completing the 3 assessment games succssfully will the learner receive an e-certificate.