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level 2 table official course


cost £25.00


This course is for those who have completed the level 1 table official course or have good basketball knowledge. It provides deeper learning of the roles of the timer and scorer.

Level 2 Table Officials can be deployed to local league, junior NBL and even senior NBL competitions up to WNBL Division One and NBL Division Two alongside Level 3 colleagues.

Expected duration: 6 hours

Prerequisite: Basketball knowledge or Level 1 Table Official

Recommended minimum age: 16 years

Learner Requirements

Learner Requirements:

  1. If organised, learner is to attend a 6 hours tutor delivered theory session. This can be delivered online or in the classroom.
  2. Learner to complete online modules during the classroom session or in their own time.
  3. Learner to complete theory examination.
  4. Learner to complete 4 regulation games under assessment.

Theory Modules

The course consists of 4 modules which the learner completes during the classroom session or in their own time.

  • Module 1 - Introduction
  • Module 2 - Role of the Timer
  • Module 3 - Role of the Scorer
  • Module 4 - Other Information, Examination and Next Steps

The theory modules are always available to the learner to refer to during their formative years as a table official.

Organsier Requirements

  1. Complete Basketball England booking form
  2. If desired, book and pay for a classroom - 6 hours or organise a 6-hour virtual session.
  3. If desired, book and pay the tutor to deliver the course - (£25 per hour plus £0.45 per mile).
  4. Pay for the invoice received from Basketball England

The learner will need access to a laptop, computer or smart device to complete the online modules.

The tutor will need access to a classroom that has a big screen and audio equipment.

Examination - Theory Questions

Each learner is required to successfully complete the theory examination which consists of 25 multiple choice questions. The learner is required to achieve a 70% pass mark. The examination is within the online modules and comes at the end after the theory.

Practice Scoresheet Assessment

The learner is required to complete a scoresheet following the game that is available in the modules.

The scoresheet is available to downlond from the online modules.

Once the learner has completed the scoresheet, the scoresheet should be uploaded to the Online Technical Course Completion Form.

Practice Games

The learner is encouraged to complete a number of practice games before completing their assessment games.

Receiving feedback from these games from a level 3 table official or officiating coach will support the learner in completing the assessment games successfully.

Assessment Games

The learner is required to table officiate 4 full regulation games under assessment, 2 games as the scorer and 2 games as the timer.

The games should be assessed by a qualified and licensed level 3 table official, or higher, or an approved table official coach. The assessor can be somebody who is table officiating the game with the learner or who sits by the table official, reviewing their performance.

The assessor will confirm the learners performance as being competent by completing and signing the game section on the level 2 table official assessment form.

The Level 2 Table Official Assessment Form is available to download in the online modules.

Completing the Qualification

Upon completion of the Hive Learning modules, successful completion of the examination including practice scoresheet and a satisfactory performance in 4 full regulation games, the candidate will receive an e-certificate.