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intro to stats course


COST £15


This course provides an introduction to statistics and use of FIBA LiveStats software for recording statistics during games. This online course gives you an insight into statistics, why they are important, the various criteria and the use of FIBA LiveStats software.

Successful completion of this course will help prepare the candidate to record statistics in Basketball England's NBL competitions. Practice in other games is strongly recommended before attempting NBL games.

Expected duration: 4 hours

Prerequisite: Basketball knowledge

Recommended minimum age: 14 years

Learner Requirements

  1. Learner to complete online modules during the classroom session (if arranged) or in their own time.
  2. Learner to complete practice box score.
  3. Learners will need access to a laptop or computer to complete this course. It is strongly recommended that you download FIBA Live Stats prior to signing up to this course, to ensure your device can operate it (N.B. the software does not work on Apple devices).


Theory Modules

The course consists of online modules which the learner completes during the classroom session or in their own time. The modules are designed to help candidates:

  • Understand what basketball statistics are
  • Understand what statistics are used for
  • Learn the different statistical categories.

The theory modules are always available to the learner to refer to during their formative years as a statistician.

Organsier Requirements

  1. Complete the Basketball England booking form
  2. If desired, book and pay for a classroom - 4 hours or organise a 4 hour virtual session
  3. If desired, book and pay the tutor to deliver the course - (£25 per hour plus £0.45 per mile).
  4. Pay for the invoice received from Basketball England

The learner will need access to a laptop, computer or smart device to complete the online modules and access the FIBA Live Stats software.

The tutor will need access to a classroom that has a big screen, audio equipment and internet connection.

Practice Game

The learner is required to input stats to create a box score for the first half of a game using a script and video which is available in the online modules.

Once the learner has completed the boxscore, the boxscore should be uploaded to the Online Technical Course Completion Form.


Completing the Qualification

Upon completion of the Hive Learning modules and after successful completion of the box score, the candidate will receive an e-certificate.