2022 is the year of 3x3 basketball.

3x3 is simple and flexible enough to be played anywhere by anybody, and it's no surprise it is the number one urban team sport in the world.

All you need is a hoop, a half-court and six players. It's basketball in one of its most basic forms, and getting involved couldn't be easier.

The game will be one of the main attractions at the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, the future for 3x3 is brighter than ever and it's time to get on board with the action-packed smaller format of the game.

What's happening with 3x3 in 2022

In summer 2021 an expanded Ball Out 3x3 tour took place across the nation. Ball Out is back at locations across the country for teams - both grass roots and elite - to enter and fans to enjoy in summer 2022. Check out highlights of the tour above.

Great Britain teams will be in 3x3 action in the FIBA 3x3 Europe Cup again this summer.

But the high point of the year will be Team England's men and women going for glory on the 3x3 courts at the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games in July and August.


So what do I need to know?

3x3 is quick and simple to organise and play, but there are still some things to think about before you jump in.

There is a unique individual and team ranking system for all players from park ballers to international stars.

3x3 has it's own rules, it's own special basketball - and a host of ways to get involved.


  • Half court.
  • 1 hoop.


  • 3 per side.
  • + 1 substitute.
  • Who? You chose – your game, your way.



  • 10 minutes long, or;
  • The first team to 21 points.
  • 12 second shot clock.
  • 2 point outside the arc, 1 for inside.
  • No break after scoring, the ball is live.


  • 2 foul shots as of the 7th foul
  • 2 foul shots and possession for the 10th foul and above.
  • Game tied? The first team to score 2 points wins.
  • The ball is checked at the top of the arc.
  • One 30-second time-out is granted to each team. A player can call the time-out in a dead ball situation.


If you're ready to compete in Ball Out or any other 3x3 tournament get yourself a free profile on FIBA Planet.

This will help you;

  • Find opportunities to play.
  • Record all of your 3x3 activity.
  • Earn ranking points for yourself and your Federation.
  • Be registered to enter competitions with your friends or to help find you a team.

STEP 1: Head to the FIBA 3x3 Planet website.

Click on one of the boxes below to find out more and get your 3x3 journey started!

Team England at Birmingham 2022

The 3x3 version of the game will take centre stage at an iconic new outdoor venue as part of the calendar for the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham. 

Our England teams will be there, looking to better previous achievements when the Men’s and Women’s teams won bronze in 2006 in Melbourne and the Women claimed silver at the 2018 Games on the Gold Coast. 

.The emergence of 3x3 also allows for a whole new talent pathway to be added to our existing 5v5 talent system and while there will of course be parallels, the 3x3 pathway will stand alone in its own right.

This dynamic version of the game will be threaded through all aspects of our talent network ensuring players, coaches and officials are game ready for 3x3.

We'll be launching our 3x3 pathway in the coming months, so watch this space.

Further Info

Anything else?

If you've had a look through the pages above, you should have a good idea about what 3x3 is, how to play, and how to set up a competition (spoiler: it's very simple!).

There are a few other things that will help you get up and running though, like finding a place to play, making sure you have the right equipment, and where you can go to play in tournaments through 3x3 organisers like BallOut and GG3x3.