3x3 for Clubs

No matter how your club is set up, 3x3 is for you!

We've got some basic information below for all clubs about 3x3, why you should get involved and what you need to do.

There's also some quick hit info and rules at the bottom of the page.

What is 3x3?

3x3, pronounced 3-ex-3, is faster, shorter, and even more exciting version of the regular 5v5 game. Better still it’s right on your doorstep – there's a reason 3x3 is the number one urban team sport on the planet!

Available to absolutely anyone who can get their hands on a ball, clubs have a special opportunity to showcase 3x3 to their members, fans and followers this summer.

What's more, with the inclusion of 3x3 in the delayed 2020 Tokyo Olympics and the upcoming 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, 3x3 is about to be everywhere!

This version of the game is open to all. Don’t be fooled by the reduction in playing space and time, it’s a fast paced game that guarantees more touches and more chances to score.

With smaller numbers, less space and fewer rules to worry about, 3x3 is suitable for anyone of any age or ability.

Whilst there is always an elite end to 3x3, it is perfectly suited to beginners and players of all ages and abilities. That means it can also be a perfect fit for your club!

In short, not a lot!

3x3 requires organisation but not necessarily “coaching” as players can rely on their 5v5 knowledge or basic instruction so they can make their own decisions and have fun.

Your club won’t need lots of specialist coaches to supervise activity, just a few enthusiastic, well organised people to get creative and run some  tournaments.

And then of course there’s the equipment, and here’s the easy bit – a ball and a local indoor or outdoor court – it really is as simple as that.

Did you know 3x3 has a different ball to 5v5? 3x3 is played with a size 6 ball but, it weighs the same as a size 7. The smaller size makes dribbling, passing and shooting easier and encourages creativity. Want more info? Click the buttons below.




There is a whole new pathway for 3x3 and much like the 5v5 version we all know and love, there is something for everyone depending on what they’re after.

3x3 adds an extra layer of competition and can be tailored to suit all members. It also helps plug the gap in the current competition calendar for players of all ages to dip in to in a way they want to play.


Clubs can host scrimmage style sessions for existing club members as well as working towards games and tournaments that can be run on a weekly or monthly basis.

We know that 3x3 is fun and fast-paced and small sided games are proven to improve decision making and increase touches – all great ways of developing players.

Opportunities to play other 5v5 teams can require a lot of coordination but with 3x3 you can establish your own in-house competition and run the teams to suit you and your set up!


Do you have lapsed players who are short of the time or funds to commit to playing regular full court basketball? Perhaps they struggle for transport to get to and from different venues? There are no doubt a host of reasons you have heard from former players who love the game but have now drifted away.

3x3 is the perfect way to reengage those players and attract new one along the way. Anyone who watches 3x3, whether they love the game already or not, would be hard pressed to not want to pick up a ball and have a go – especially when you add music, the great British weather, and the fact you can play on your doorstep!


The availability of elite competition is on the rise with the likes of the Commonwealth Games and the Olympics now showcasing 3x3 – Basketball England will be on the hunt for representative teams and players who have what it takes to play at the highest level.

3x3 will also be utilised within the Basketball England talent pathway with ASPIRE players getting to grips with this modified version of the game – get your players ready to hit the court and make an impact.

To create a tournament you will need a minimum of 4 teams, but that's it.

FIBA 3x3 have a great free tool, FIBA Event Maker which is a one stop shop for creating events, arranging fixtures, collating results and tables as well as tracking players & their stats.

It takes the heat off individuals to undertake admin heavy tasks so if 3x3 sounds like your thing, you should definitely check out how the FIBA Event Maker can help you!

Membership is free and sign up is super simple with lots of handy how to guides should you need a hand.

Each player has their own unique profile which records all of their 3x3 involvement and contributes to the overall Great Britain ranking. Teams can then be placed into your event and the rest of the magic happens behind the scenes – no time wasted on working out who needs to play who, it’s all done for you with the push of a button.

You don’t have to be a “professional outfit” to use the event planner either – it is for anyone to make benefit of the useful features. Anyone can use the tool and in turn become an accredited FIBA 3x3 provider.

There are also handy features for embedding registration, result and live scoring on your digital platforms too, meaning it's quicker and easier than ever for players to get involved and enjoy 3x3.




  • Half court.
  • 1 hoop.


  • 3 per side.
  • + 1 substitute.
  • Who? You chose – your game, your way.



  • 10 minutes long, or;
  • The first team to 21 points.
  • 12 second shot clock.
  • 2 point outside the arc, 1 for inside.
  • No break after scoring, the ball is live.


  • 2 foul shots as of the 7th foul
  • 2 foul shots and possession for the 10th foul and above.
  • Game tied? The first team to score 2 points wins.
  • The ball is checked at the top of the arc.
  • One 30-second time-out is granted to each team. A player can call the time-out in a dead ball situation.