slam jam 

Slam Jam is a brand new basketball programme for children aged 7-11 years old.

Run in schools and clubs, Slam Jam gives kids a great first experience of basketball in a fun and safe environment. 



What is Slam Jam?

If you're looking for more information on Slam Jam, either as an affiliated Basketball England club or as a school\academic institution, we've got all the info you need!


Slam Jam Activator Training

We're always looking for more people to help run Slam Jam sessions across the country. To find out how you can get involved and locate a training session near you, click the button below.

Partner Expression of Interest (EOI)

If you are interested in becoming a Slam Jam Delivery Partner then you need to fill out an EOI form for us to understand your readiness for delivery. This form looks at a variety of factors to ensure we provide them with the correct support and training to ensure they provide an excellent experience for both coaches and participants.

The EOI form can be found by clicking on the button below


What is it Slam Jam? +

Basketball England's new engagement/mass participation resource aimed at 7-11 year olds. 

How is Slam Jam different from other basketball programmes for this age group? +

It has been designed and created in partnership with both basketball and educational experts, as well as input from stakeholders and partners from outside the sport. So, whilst it is linked to the national curriculum it is still suitable for community and club delivery. In addition, there is a suite of additional resource and tools to help keep participants engaged and add extra value. Examples are an awards and recognition scheme, bespoke Slam Jam basketballs and branded goodies. The look and feel of Slam Jam has also been influenced by the participants themselves so it is engaging and relevant to them.

What is the aim of Slam Jam? +

The aim of Slam Jam is to introduce basketball to as many 7-11 year olds as possible in a fun, safe and engaging atmosphere. With a focus on improving physical literacy and the fundamentals of movement, using basketball related activities as a tool, it is hoped participants will finish the programme wanting to continue their basketball experience and make it a sport for life! 

Who can deliver it? +

Once they have been approved as an accredited Slam Jam Delivery Partner then anyone- clubs, schools, community groups or other coaching organisations. 

Where can it be delivered? +

Anywhere- as long as it is a safe space. Very little equipment (basketballs, bibs, cones) is needed for most of the activities. 

Do I need to be a qualified coach? +

No- to be a qualified Slam Jam delivery partner you just need to attend one of the Slam Jam activator courses. However, you will need additional qualifications (DBS, Safeguarding, First Aid) depending on where/who you will be delivering on behalf of.  

What are the timeframes for delivering the programme? +

6-12 sessions, with each session taking around 45/60 mins. 

What are the benefits of delivering Slam Jam? +


  • Enhance junior provision and increase members 
  • Enhance schools/club links 
  • Increase community engagement and awareness of club 
  • Workforce development 
  • Retention of players and coaches 
  • Income generation 


  • Linked to national curriculum 
  • Help meet physical activity guidelines and requirements 
  • Enhance physical activity and sport offer 
  • Workforce development 
  • Enhance school/community/club links 

 Community/Other providers 

  • Enhance provision 
  • Income generation 
  • Opportunity to engage with new demographics and stakeholders 
  • Workforce development 


Contact Information:

If you have any questions please contact  

For specific enquiries please contact 07525809462 

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