Advice For Children

This section is to help you understand where you can go for more information on how to be safe when playing basketball and what to do if you are worried or have any questions about anything which might be making you feel uncomfortable.

If something is worrying you and you need someone to listen, you can contact us and we will support you.

Here are a few questions we get asked about regularly. You can click on each one to view the answer.


Are you worried or concerned and need someone to talk to? +

Basketball is a fun sport that gives you loads of opportunities to meet new people and push yourself to try new things. It can make you fitter, improve your metal health and overcome new challenges.

If you’re worried or have any concerns about the behaviour of people towards you it is important you report this to someone. You should look to report it as soon as possible to an adult that you trust, this could be:

  • A parent/guardian
  • A member of staff at your club
  • A teacher
  • A doctor or school nurse
  • A Club Welfare Officer (Every club should have one! Speak with your club/coach to find out who it is)
  • Childline or the NSPCC

If you are concerned and are struggling to speak to someone but have practice coming up or a game and the person who is harming you is there, make sure you are not alone. Ensure you are with a adult you can trust or even your friends.  

If you’re not comfortable talking to any of these and want to talk to someone, you can contact Childline who have lots of people who can listen and advise you on what to do next. They offer support over the phone but also provide an online chat room where you can speak with one of their counselors on a 1-2-1 basis. 

Mind provide a platform called Elefriends. Elefriends is a supportive online community where you can be yourself. We all know what it’s like to struggle sometimes, but now there’s a safe place to listen, share and be heard. More information on Elefriends or to sign up, please click here

You can also contact our safeguarding officer here at Basketball England if you wish to report a concern

If it matters to you, it matters to us.

For support in an emergency, outside of office hours, call the Police on 999/101 or your local Children's Social Care Team.

People are being horrible about me on social media – what should I do? +

Messages sent to you which are hurtful and make you upset should be reported. There is an organisation which can give you advice about how to be safe online called Child Net. Their website will give you information on making sure you feel safe and secure online and on social media. If you feel like you need to report your concerns and your safety is at risk, you can report a concern here.

You can also look for advice on the new Royal Foundation’s Taskforce on the Prevention of Cyberbullying campaign, 'Stop, Speak, Support'. 'Stop, Speak, Support' aims to help young people spot cyberbullying and know what steps they can take to stop it happening and provide support to the person being bullied. It was designed by young people, for young people. More information or advice can be found on their website here.

The UK Safer Internet Centre provide resources for ages 3 up to 19 which include films, games and quizzes to help you stay safe and responsible online.  

We also have a person here at Basketball England who is responsible for making sure you feel safe and taking action on any worries you have about social media and you can get in touch with them here.

I am being bullied and don’t know what to do. Where can I get help? +

We’re really sorry to hear that you are being bullied and it is affecting how much you enjoy basketball. Nobody has the right to hurt you or make you feel bad. Bullying can be in a range of different forms but the main ones are: 

  • being called names
  • being teased, put down or humiliated
  • being pushed or pulled about
  • having money and other stuff taken
  • having rumours spread about you
  • being ignored and left out
  • being hit, kicked or physically hurt
  • being threatened or intimidated

If you feel that the above is happening to you, you should look for some support. This can be from adults, teachers, coaches and even your friends - you may not want to tell your friends the details but they can help support you when you are feeling down and help take your mind off it. 

If you feel you are being bullied and would like more information you can visit our friends at the Anti Bullying Alliance who can give you some more information on what to do if you feel like you’re being bullied. Childline also have a section on their website which can provide more support and guidance. 

You can report your concerns to them, or contact us at Basketball England and talk to us about what is happening and how we can help.

My coach is being mean to me, but they keep saying "it's just banter". I am not sure I can do anything.  +

Just because someone says it is just 'banter' or 'a joke', doesn't make it ok. Making jokes or having banter which makes people feel upset or sad is bullying. 

Look at the tips above for information on how to deal with bullying. Banter can come under this and you shouldn't put up with it just because someone says so, you need to report it to someone, be it Basketball England, Childline or even your friends and family.  

I feel like I am under a lot of pressure and I am not enjoying basketball as much as I used too. What can I do? +

Basketball can be a very competitive sport and you may feel pressured to perform well. This pressure could come from yourself, other players in your team, the coach or even your parents, but there a ways to make sure that basketball stays fun. 

If you are feeling under pressure from your coach or parents, you should tell them how that pressure makes you feel. They simply may not be aware of how they are acting is making you feel and this should make them realise and make them adapt their ways. There are some top tips on how to cope with pressure: 

  • if a bad game affects your confidence, get out there quickly and start playing again
  • focus on how YOU thought you played, not how anyone else thought you played
  • give yourself time for things to get better
  • if pressure keeps stopping you from enjoying it, you could try taking up a different sport or joining a different club or team
  • remember it’s ok to tell an adult you trust about pressure being too much.

You should always try as hard as you can as nobody can ask anymore of you if you do. You should always be proud of your efforts. If you have played well and you are happy with that, there is no need to compare yourself to any other players. 

Childline has some great advice on how to build your confidence and self-esteem. This information can be found here.

Knowing your rights as a child or young person can help you stay safe. +

Rights help us stay safe and get fair treatment. Some rights are given to you at certain ages – like being allowed to leave home or drive a car - and they can help you understand the law more and also assist you in making decisions. 

A good place to find out more about your rights as a child or young person, Childline have a great seciton on their website which breaks them down into a simple way that makes it easier to understand. Find out about your rights here

Knowing Basketball England's policies can make you aware of conduct and expectations within basketball. +

Being aware of Basketball England's policies can help you become more aware of conduct in and around basketball. It not only will make you aware but give you the ability to identify and address any issues that you see. It also gives you the knowledge to be able to report it to Basketball England.

Our policies can be found here.

Are you a parent and want to know more?

We have a whole section dedicated to how parents can support their child, including FAQ’s on keeping your child safe in basketball. If you still have questions, contact our safeguarding team.

If you feel your safety is at risk and need to speak with someone immediately;
contact the NSPCC who will be able to speak with you at any hour of the day.

Other Useful Links

Contact NSPCC

Contact CPSU

Contact Childline

Contact UK Safer Internet Centre

Contact UK Anti Bullying Alliance

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